Panther Sports Nutrition SARMs Review: An Honest Guide

Buying a product that is relative to your health is a quest and trick. When it comes to purchasing online, you have to be very watchful and careful as many rascals are waiting for you to be in their trap.

With a great number of vendors around, your defense is our responsibility, and let us share some facts about Panther Sports Nutrition that must protect you from being fooled. 

Panther Sports Nutrition Vendor Review

Transparency is the key most way for you to gain confidence in a SARMs brand. Individual research compounds are more crucial. Panther Sports Nutrition will provide you with transparency that will help you to rely on this brand. It aims to bring you high standards of products with fine quality.

Well, I would suggest you the Best Vendor SC for the high quality SARMs as they are the best

They make sure that the goods that they carry in the market are of the greatest quality. Some research compounds are still cast-off by consumers for individual ingesting.

To protect the consumers from harming their body, it is made sure that there is no compromise on the product’s superiority. 

Panther Sports Nutrition

Circumnavigating the website

When you reach their website, you will see a fancy banner of SARMs which comes at the top of the page. As for the navigation, the website of Panther Sports Nutrition is slightly less professional than other vendors.

With a lot many decorations that make it even harder for the customer to move around. If you are among the lucky ones to find the menu bar which lies somewhere in the left of the black extravagant banner, you will see several options coming out from the right corner.

It mainly includes a search bar, home bar, a specified option to access SARMs, other accessories, fat burners and at the end, you can log in to your account or register yourself for other formalities.

On the whole, we recommend the vendor to minimalize the website adding a decent texture which will surely attract the customer’s eyes. 

Accessible SARMs at Panther Sports Nutrition

When you click the SARMs option from the right bar, you will be directed to the SARMs shop that will present you with the products available. It is not convenient to see most of their items being sold out almost most of the time yet being positive makes us believe that their customer service is a great exception. 

People really trust them even though they offer a very limited amount of SARMs as compare to SC. Following is the list of supplements that you can expect to buy from Panther Sports Nutrition:

RAD-140 MAX 

(Costs around $75.99)

GW(Cardarine) 15 mg 

(Costs around $72.99)

LGD- Max

(Costs around $75.99)


(Costs around $75.99)


(Costs around $75.99)

Sten (Stenabo)

(Costs around $72.99)

You might have noticed the compounds YK-11, MK-2866, and MK-677 missing from the list which implies that the respective brand does not offer these compounds. It is never supported by the customer to visit a brand where he might not find a wide variety of products and most of the items out of stock.

It adds to a great drawback in referral marketing. 

Panther Sports Nutrition

How much does the SARMs cost?

Your pocket is our concern, we would never let you spend more on something not worthy to try out. According to the prices mentioned above, the range is from $72.99-$75.99.

If we take a look around the rates presented by other vendors, it can be said about Panther Sports Nutrition that their SARMs costs much less than others. The prices are very affordable and would not be a burden to your budget.

You can handily spend some coins on these high standard items to try them in your effective SARMs cycle

Payment Options offered by Panther Sports

If you fill up your cart and reach the checkout, you will see that after providing your relevant information, you shall be directed to the Shipping followed by the Payment section. As by our knowledge, it is stated that Panther Sports Nutrition only accepts the Venmo method of payment.

Anything, say it PayPal, bank transaction, western union, and so on does not operate on this website. With these limited resources, usually, customers not familiar to Venmo end up leaving their cart and not buying from the vendor.

The strategic marketing desires to be given a wide number of payment options to gain the customer’s attraction and increase them in numbers. 


On the top of the page, it is clearly quantified that shipping in the US is free. There is standard delivery for your package and it does not let you know about the time that might be required for your order to reach your doorstep.

The shipping courier is not specified and they do not let the customers know which courier shall deliver the package. International deliveries are also carried by Panther Sports Nutrition depending upon the country’s policy regarding SARMs legality. 

Opinions about Panther Sports Nutrition

As for the website, no section can let people share their reviews and opinions about the items bought. However, we searched out and got to know about what people really have to say about Panther Sports Nutrition:

  • Someone stated: I picked up a bottle of panther sports ostarine 25, it has been a week into the cycle with GW501516, I’ve noticed a great increase in endurance during cardio and resistance training but nothing with the ostarine yet.
  • Someone stated: Having GW after my breakfast and was feeling much energy and hunger after 2-3 hours. Massive energy came into my body. 

SARMs Discounts and Deals

However, there are no such deals available but at checkout and other sections, they ask you to enter your email address so that they can keep you updated with various deals and offers.

Also, at the top of each product, you shall be able to witness the offers and sales and the amount of money you can actually save from each purchase. 

Facility about SARMs return

With a receipt of proof, if you are not satisfied with your product quality then you are allowed to get your item refunded and returned within the first 30 days of delivery. Although, make sure to avoid using or damaging the package before a return as the vendor requires an unused and untouched item as a return. 

Are Panther Sports Nutrition Legit?

A report by the FDA about the respective vendor states that the products “Ostarine MK2866” and “LGD MAX” violates their community policies and drug and cosmetic act. This report was issued as a warning letter back in October, 2017.

Nonetheless, the issues have been solved and nothing is left under the shadows. Based on the facts discussed above, it is quite evident that Panther Sports Nutrition is legit to use. They would not leave you dissatisfied and you shall have a great experience in trying them out, only we hope!


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