Phenibut and Kratom Mix: Latest Research On The Combination

Among the youth and teens, a legal high is something that is gaining its popularity. In the United States of America, this has begun to surge in fame and many people are trying the fusion of legal compounds together to get a safe euphoric high.

These medications are derived from chemical and synthetic supplements that are not made for human consumption. One of the most common and new trends on the internet is the combination of two safe and healthy medications known as “Phenibut” and “Kratom”.

Thanks to the internet for showing us these two products about which everyone is gossiping about. Here we shall discuss the two famous and well-known medications along with the pros and cons of both. Keeping in mind all the safety concerns, let us have a look below.


Originally developed in the Soviet Union, Phenibut is not officially allowed to be used in the United States. Initially, it emerged to treat various disorders which included both mental and psychological issues. Phenibut is commonly used to treat psychiatric disorders in Russia today.

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However, in the end, it is still a truth that Phenibut is an addictive medication. Overdosing this supplement can cause physical and mental dependence. Sometimes, these issues could lead to serious health issues.

Phenibut acts as a stimulator by acting on the GABA receptors. It came into practical use back in the 1960s. Unfortunately, it is still not a well-researched topic. So many secrets related to Phenibut are still under the cover. 

Phenibut and Kratom


Kratom is a psychoactive substance that acts as a stimulator. It comes from the Southeast Asian regions. This tree of Kratom is being used for centuries. But the recent investigation about the benefits of Kratom has made it famous among the new generation.

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People of all ages are putting their hands on this compound. Due to its natural occurrence, a lot of individuals are trying this out only for recreational purposes. Similar to Phenibut, it is also used to get a euphoric high.

Those of you who are less focused and have to deal with concentration issues should try Kratom as it can make you feel active and alert. 

Phenibut and Kratom Mix

When Phenibut is used for recreational purposes, it is said to give a euphoric effect. It may also increase and enhance the effects of other substances. For instance, if you are taking alcohol, using Phenibut simultaneously can increase the effects of alcohol. In simple words, it can cause a “high”.

Phenibut and Kratom mix is an incredible combination. Kratom possesses opioid effects. It is a killer combo as both of the compounds have similar properties and are significantly used to deliver the same purposes.

The cognitive effects can vary from one person to the other and are not the same in all because of several factors that influence the working of substances. Both of these medications combined can help in alleviating the withdrawal pains and symptoms.

However, both of these substances are crucial and sensitive to use. If fused together, the symptoms can increase and can cause other negative effects. The National Institute of Drug Abuse has reported a significant number of deaths caused by Kratom alone. 

Can We Use Phenibut and Kratom Together?

Unlike other combinations which are neither promoted nor loved by the public, this combo is rather more interesting. Many people have given it the name “God-Like” for having soothing and calming properties. There is always another side to the story.

And the question still lives in people’s minds if these two have a reality which is not so good to discover and what is the cost of using these two compounds together.

Kratom targets the opioid receptors in the body whereas Phenibut acts on the GABA receptors. Together, these effects produce interaction and synergy which many people love. Phenibut gives a fresh mood and grants a sense of confidence.

At lower doses, it gives a stimulating effect and is an excellent mood enhancer giving you a sudden change from bad to good. Kratom has similar effects and gives a smoother experience.

These positive and appealing effects are the reason so many people compare this combination with heroin. However, this is still no true as both of the substances are completely safe and legal.

Phenibut and Kratom

Phenibut: A Chemical

As a chemical, this substance acts as a neurotransmitter. It promotes a sense of relaxation. A little research has been made about how unsafe this substance is when used with other medications. No third-party tests and lab checks are carried out resulting in no confirmation regarding the security status of Phenibut. 

Mixing Phenibut and other medications

Phenibut can induce a very happening and positive feeling in individuals. As mentioned beforehand, this mixture sometimes gives great satisfaction. It enhances the effects of things consumed along with its usage.

The nickname that has been granted to this combination of Kratom and Phenibut is a “happy medicine” as both of these compounds are promoting good feelings among the consumers. Mixing Phenibut with other things does no harm other than increasing the effects of each of the compounds. 

Safe Amount of Phenibut

Little to no research about the safety of Phenibut has been conducted. The greatest risk of using Phenibut is its tolerance forming abilities. Cognitive calm and clarity are something that can come in a person’s mind but too much of its usage can be harmful resulting in a physical dependence which is hard to get rid of.

Most of the people are unaware, however, if one gets to know about how severe the withdrawal effects could be, he or she might never try using Phenibut and Kratom again.

Dosage Prescribed for Phenibut and Kratom

An optimal dosage is ideal while talking about the dosage of both of these medications. Kratom is slightly less addictive as compared to Phenibut and has less habit-forming characteristics. Although, Phenibut should not be used in the wrong way. It is much more dangerous and can lead to problems for the consumer.

“Moderation is the key”

To get a good experience with these two substances, one must take the dosage which is prescribed by his specialist or consultant. 

Which one is more potent

Users have reported that frequent use of Phenibut made them feel more dependent on it. Kratom’s addiction is of a small level and can be controlled as the withdrawal symptoms are not much severe.

Phenibut and Kratom

Where can I get these Phenibut and Kratom from?

The real war is when you have to decide where to get these substances from to have a good experience in trying them out. Make sure to try out the most reliable vendor. There is nothing wrong with investing a good amount of money on something which is directly linked to your health.

There should be no compromise on health and body. You can check out for many brands that are selling these substances online. 

Latest Research on the Combination Of Phenibut and Kratom

The latest research has been conducted on a person who tried Phenibut. What were the effects that were shown as a result of its consumption were discussed in the research work? The link to that research by NCBI is attached here.

Final Call on the fusion

As a conclusion, it can be said that Phenibut and Kratom are two substances having similar effects. Both of them are great and can be used for several benefits. 

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