The Latest Post Cycle Therapy (PCT): For Best Performance

You must have heard about the word PCT before as well. Many people and especially the gym freaks go through intense workouts every day, they consume steroids and various supplements to enhance the effects of their hard work.

Well, you might have seen people talking a lot about Post Cycle Therapies and how important they are.

Their importance is beyond imagination. All we can say is post cycle therapies are more important than what people say about them. They are never given the importance they deserve. Let us have a look at what PCTs are and how important they are for you.


Going through a cycle of SARMs, steroids or other anti-inflammatory drugs can always lead to some serious side effects. When you take compounds like RAD-140 or Enanthate, your body’s natural testosterone production is shut down, and sometimes it is completely jammed for a certain period of time.

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Not having this hormone in the required quantity in your body can lead to some serious ailments and in sports standings, it can cause muscle loss as well. To avoid such problems, a consumer is gone through a complete cycle therapy which comprises compounds in it that are mandatory for the repossession.

The foremost resolution of Post Cycle Therapy is to stimulate the natural production of testosterone and other essential hormones in your body. In other terms, it is also called a post cycle recovery therapy.

Post Cycle Therapy


If your aim is to build muscles and gain strength, you have to be equipped with this therapy. Struggling to get in shape is difficult but gaining those muscles is definitely not a joke.

You can not do this on your own. As assistance, you might definitely need some Anabolic supplements such as steroids, SARMs, and some Prohormones. HSPL is the best online source to buy best anabolic supplements

These supplements can change your body’s state and in order to get back to this state, all the athletes and anabolic supplements consumers go through a comprehensive cycle of specific compounds characterized to improve the natural body state. It regulates your hormones.

In other words, it gives stability to your body. If it is not run appropriately then it can lead to muscle loss and will ultimately waste your hard work and struggle.


There are certain factors that tell about the status and the reasons of why Post Cycle Therapies are used:

  • It helps to maintain the muscles and gains that you have achieved during the anabolic cycle.
  • It aids with the drop of a hormone called Cortisol from your body.
  • It reestablishes the levels of testosterone in your body.


Long story short, it is important and should be started right after completing a cycle. Your fitness trainer will guide you according to your body requirements. It is suggested by health officials to start a post cycle therapy right after a day of finishing your cycle.

It also depends on the steroids that are being used by the consumer. If you are taking anabolic steroids then you should at least wait for a week or two to properly go in the recovery mood. There are certain protocols that should be followed.

Try to be very careful and avoid diets that can damage your body. Consequently, your body will start screening adverse outcomes and, in some cases, your muscles will be gone. Fine sleep patterns and a healthy diet along with PCT supplements are a must!


Again, it also depends on the medicines or drugs you have been taking. These factors determine the length of your cycle therapy. For stacked supplements, it is advised to continue this cycle for 2 to 8 weeks.

A minimum of 2-week therapy is important to recover properly. Each compound has its own life. For the compounds of PCT, we shall be discussing below will have their own prescribed length.


There are supplements that should be used in post cycle therapy. Each cycle will require different therapy. Some steroids call out for a more rigid therapy while some are easy to be dealt with. Several compounds will require a stronger approach.

There are in total three effective ways of PCT which will help in accelerating the recapture movement. Based on your suppression feeling, if you feel more blocked or bottle-up then try the therapy for 8 weeks. These methods or compounds used for PCT are as following:


There are several compounds that can be used as PCT supplements are:

Clomid (Clomifene)

It is also known as a discriminatory estrogen receptor modulator.It is said to be a synthesized form of Estrogen. It boosts testosterone production.  If you’ve gone through a heavy cycle then it is strongly recommended to use Clomid. It is the strongest PCT compound among all.

It is very critical to use this compound because a little bit of carelessness can cause the hardest side effects. If you are alright with other compounds or a beginner then it is definitely not recommended to use this PCT supplement. 25-50 mg per day is recommended to be used.

You are recommended to use if after 2 weeks of the cycle. It is also used to treat infertility in women. Its side effects include vision problems, mood swings, headaches, and pains.

NOTE: You should stay away from Clomid if the need doesn’t arise and you’re not familiar with this product because it is the most potent.

Post Cycle Therapy


Nolvadex (Tamoxifen)

This was initially used to treat breast cancer and was given in the prescription. As compare to Clomid, this product does not have a lot of adverse side effects. Most people prefer using Nolvadex as a post cycle therapy.

It is used to restore the hormonal levels of the human body. Some hot flashes, headaches can be seen as a result of its excessive usage but these are very mild and can be dealt with easily.

  • In the first week, it is recommended to use 40 mg per day.
  • In the second week, it is recommended to use 40 mg per day.
  • In the third week, it is recommended to use 20 mg per day.
  • In the fourth week, it is recommended to use 20 mg per day.

It is perfect to recover your body without using anything else instead of using unreasonably which will result in harmful situations. To help with libido, energy levels, and maintaining the muscles, some people stack it with other compounds as well.

A post cycle therapy with Nolvadex usually persists for 4 weeks. It is also a selective estrogen receptor stimulator. It will speed up testosterone levels rapidly. Make sure to do a lot of research before starting using Nolvadex.

Rebirth PCT (PCT Supplement)

Rebirth PCT, as its name suggests, it is specifically designed to function as a post cycle therapy. It only consists of the clinically approved components therefore you can easily rely on this component as it will stimulate your recovering process.

Each serving of PCT contains 6 capsules. It is often stacked with Enhance. You are required to consume 14 capsules per day in order to see the recovery process. Due to its perfect formulation, this stack is an exemption in the post cycle therapy.

It works like a charm for Prohormones and SARMs. It has ingredients that can help in maintaining muscle gains. Additionally, it is a super accessible product because it is available over the counter.

One bottle is a 30-day supply which is more than enough. It is tremendously effective. Again, it is very important to observe your body state and do your own research before putting your hands on this compound.

Post Cycle Therapy


What if you don’t take PCT after completing a cycle? Is it just a formality or I will die without this? The answer is simple! You need it. This is something that your body requires. If you want to maintain your body muscles and gains that you have achieved during your cycle, then it is very important to try this PCT.

You will be at great risk of losing your muscles. It is not a joke. Only a person who has given all of his time getting in shape will be able to know how does it feel to lose your body shape in just a week or two.


As we have shared everything that you need to know about post cycle therapy. You can definitely try these compounds which will help you in recovering. It is as important as the cycle itself. If you don’t want to take the risk of losing your hard work, then please do not skip this part of your journey.

Most of the PCT compounds are OTC and you will not need a prescription to start off with them however, your fitness trainer can help you in getting the perfect fit for your body. I hope you will consider taking post cycle therapy and will work hard to maintain your shape.

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