Top 5 Best Pre-Workout Supplements To Buy: Updated List 2020

Before thinking of getting back into shape, we all know this journey is not going to be easy for us all. Along with a healthy diet, we will have to maintain a good gym schedule. Without exercise, it is not possible to gain muscle. Intense exercise and strength training come on to the top list.

However, for many people, it is the lack of motivation that stops them from stepping into the gym. For others, it might be lower energy levels. Most importantly, it is the mood that stops us from achieving our goals.

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To solve these issues, we have brought you an amazing supplement that can give you an instant boost of energy and increase your stamina. Read till the end to know about the product we are talking about:


Pre workout supplements are the compounds that are used by sportspersons and strength trainers to improve their performance. They are specifically taken before workouts or performances.

They tend to increase energy levels, boost stamina, help with mood issues, increase strength. In other words, they can make you feel like a superman! Some sportsmen are addicted to pre-workout supplements and they consume them before every match.

Pre-Workout Supplements

This has proved to increase their performance integrity by 50%. Many types of research and studies have been conducted on pre workout supplements and how necessary they are to be taken. 


Unlike, post workout supplements which are characterized to recover and replenish your body from the intense workout and physical movement to avoid injuries, Pre-workout supplements are not given the importance they deserve.

They often contain a list of magic ingredients which also includes caffeine. Caffeine is said to upsurge liveliness and energy level therefore many people take caffeine when they have a lot of work which includes struggle and exertion.

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Students use caffeine during exams, laborers use it during their long duties. Pre workout supplements are a complete package as they not only include caffeine but a lot of other nutrients and ingredients which helps you in having a good workout and make your hard work more effective and operative.

Taking pre-workout supplements for recreational exercises is something not appreciated in the fitness world. It is not an ordinary supplement and cannot be taken without recommendation.

A cup of coffee and a granola bar would not be as destructive as a pre workout supplement for a layman if occupied and consumed without precautions. 


Pre-workout supplements involve ingredients which increase your blood flow, cause an increase in your heart rate, gives your body a little tingle, improves blood flow to the skin, it makes your body alert and improves focus.

You might have seen athletes training hard without feeling tired or less focused, pre workout supplements are the cause of why they do not sense the weariness and feebleness even after spending long hours in the gym.

If taken more than required, your body will not be very happy with their excessive consumption and will show some dangerous side effects such as high blood pressure, anger, over-excitement and energy, sleep deprivation, and severe insomnia. Make sure to take them into consideration. 


Just because we know how good pre workout supplements are going to be for us, does not mean that we can try any supplement without doing proper research. For that, we have brought a complete list which will help you decide.

These are the top best most effective pre-workout supplements based on their effectiveness:


#1 comes the Transparent Lab’s bulk. It is a great pre workout supplement for athletes and bodybuilders to enhance their overall performance. It is very powerful and clean. It’s been compared with a lot of many supplements but none of them worked as good as it did.

Due to its effectiveness, athletes preferred choosing this one as it actually had a positive impact on their muscles and made them feel more focused on their goal. The only reason why it is considered the best is due to its encircling plans and formulation.

Just buy it, it’s all there with perfectly organized dosages. It makes to the highest-powered pre workout supplement having the top-notch quality without any compromise.  

  • After taking BULK, the workout potential feels endless. 
  • It consists of flawless workout ingredients that help in improving both your mind and body.
  • These are high-stimulant workouts and are available in bulk volume.
  • A workout after workout experience was seen among the consumers. 
  • It contains natural flavors and sweeteners. Nothing artificial!
  • Full servings of one month in one container. 
  • It is Gluten-free.
  • It is Vegan-friendly.
  • It comes in five flavors. 
  • It comes with citrulline malate, beta-alanine, BCAAs, and more. 

Transparent Labs have put through an exceptional combination of amino acids, and helpful herbs that provide a great pre-workout dose.

Pre-Workout Supplements


#2 on our list is JYM SUPPLEMENTS. Being very high in caffeine, it is one of the most effective pre-workout supplements. This product has been researched and formulated under the supervision of highly educated researchers in the fitness industry.

It is reliable as most people believe it to be tested and it is a big plus point. When it came out, it was not in the competition and there were no chances of it being among one of the top pre workout supplements but made its name and now it is the best pre workout supplement. 

  • It provides high energy and high endurance.
  • The ingredients that have been used in its formulation have been fully disclosed and nothing is hidden from the consumer. 
  • Energizes both the body and the mind.
  • Gives a sudden boost of energy that improves the overall performance and dominates the actions. 


#3 is a great post-workout supplement that has significantly no side effects. Containing a list of most effective ingredients. No crashes and skin issues, Gauge pre-workout is an absolutely clean supplement that ensures effectiveness and efficacy.

It is made in the USA and is FDA approved. It is a clean and smooth control benefactor with absolutely natural ingredients.

  • It is less in caffeine and does not contain artificial enhancers.
  • Less costly and more quantity makes it very pocket-friendly. 
  • With its only one flavor, it doesn’t puzzle up your mind about what fits in and what doesn’t.
  • Very less in calories. Approximately, it has 5 calories per serving.
  • It boosts your strength. 
  • Improves workout regimen. 


#4 is an amazing pre workout supplement created by Mike-Mathews who is the top-selling international fitness author. If you are looking for a variety of flavors in your pre-workout supplements, then it is the best choice for you.

It does not contain any junk, all the ingredients used in it are clean and clinically proven so you can trust in this supplement. 

  • It has several flavors. There is absolutely no limit about what you want and how your supplement should be in taste. 
  • It also contains caffeine-free varieties in case you’re allergic to caffeine
  • A closure-lid keeps your supplements fresh even if stored longer. 
  • No colors.
  • Contains a large amount of calcium. 
  • One-scoop is enough before workouts. 
  • It is a hard competitor and is ranked among the top 5 pre workout supplements.

Pre-Workout Supplements


#5 which is last but definitely not the least is Cellular C4. Available in many serving sizes, it is one of the most good-looking supplements available in the market. The most noticeable thing that makes it among the top ones is that it contains zero carbs, zero calories, and absolutely zero sugar which means it is sugar-free.

It doesn’t have harmful artificial sweeteners to enhance the flavors. It is available in unique flavors such as strawberry margarita.   

  • They have recently formulated their flavors. 
  • It has a track history for delivering qualities.
  • Many serving sizes are available. 
  • One scoop with 8 oz water is essential before a workout. 
  • It is among the “multi-vitamin” drink. 
  • Nourishes the body with essential minerals and vitamins. 

Consisting of unique ingredients. These facts make it among one of the top 5 most effective pre workout supplements. 


All of these pre-workout supplements are different from each other. It works best for different persons depending upon their bodies and requirements. Again, many people get confused because of the innumerable choices and what’s the best fit for them.

We have gathered detailed knowledge considering all the facts that a consumer has to keep in mind before choosing the right thing for him. Although these products are a bit pricey it is said without thinking twice that these products are authentic and you would not regret buying them.

You will see how good these products are and how effective they will prove to be. If you are still confused then asking your fitness trainer will help you in deciding what your body really wants.

You can get addicted to pre-workout supplements once you start using them so make sure to choose from the ones mentioned above so that you shall avoid any harmful effects in the long run. 

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