Precious Mitre Kratom Vendor Review – A Perfect Guide

You know it is tough to trust someone online, especially when you are looking to buy a product or do online shopping even. You have to do a lot of research on different brands to get the best quality product. That’s quite struggling but it’s relatable. Here we are discussing about Precious Mitre.

Talking about the purchasing of kratom, not an easy task. Many people have to struggle to find a reliable and authentic vendor to get the best quality kratom from their hard-earned money. There are numerous vendors in the market and they all are labeling them as trustworthy and authentic, but are they?

Not all of them are legit. So how would you find an authentic kratom vendor? To help you out, well I have an amazing kratom vendor for you and that is “Precious Mitre”, it is legitimate and is offering top quality kratom, sounds interesting? Let’s know more about it.

Who is Precious Mitre?

Precious Mitre is a fairly new kratom vendor founded in 2015 and is operating within the Bay Area in California. They have a slogan which says that “lead you to better health”, this slogan boldly declares its intentions by any standards: leading the consumer of their products to a better life.

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They took their name from the notes of Dutch botanist Pieter William Korthals who likened the shape of the kratom leaf to a bishop’s head. They are among the trustworthy and reliable vendors that you can easily rely on for your kratom.

Precious Mitre

Precious Mitre’s Reputation

This company has made an excellent reputation and a positive image in the market. Customers are highly satisfied with their high-quality products and potent strains. Moreover, it does not compromise on the purity of their products, which is highly praised by the customer.

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These are the reasons behind their positive reputation and strong customer base.

About Their Strains

This vendor primarily focuses on selling products that are a blend of different strains of kratom, which is an advantage because you are getting various effects and benefits from just buying a single product. You can buy their products both locally and online.

They offer high-quality kratom to their customers at considerably good prices than other vendors.

Unique Kratom Strains Offered By Precious Mitre

This vendor has some of the unique blends and strains of kratom to offer. Customer can easily find their desired kratom product here. For anyone looking to experiment with different strains of kratom, this store is like a candy shop. They have plenty of items to choose from and here are some of the products they have to offer:

Trifecta/Green/White/S and V Blend

It is one of the best kratom blends It is made of a combination of S&V and plain leaves. This unique blend does not only tastes good but is also healthier than other blends. It provides mood-lifting effects to the users for some initial hours, after approximately forty-five minutes, the impact of this blend makes them get too strong sedation.

This blend is perfect for users suffering from insomnia, recommended that this blend should be used only at night time.

White Vietnam

It is one of the best white kratom strains in the market. It is fast-acting when consumed, though, has a short effect. It offers benefits to mood enhancement and energy renewal. It is highly recommended for the users who had a hectic day and want to feel energized.

Mitre Magic/Green/White Blend

Mitre Magic is a special Precious Mitre product created specifically for those who have low confidence and social anxiety problems. It will make you feel more confident within. It helps boost your confidence and release you from any kind of social anxiety disorder.

This strain will make you step out of your comfort zone and feel confident and energized. It is a blend of green and white kratom strains. Besides, this product is not recommended for customers who have general anxiety problems.

Green Malay

It is one of the renowned strains of this vendor. The dosage of this strain determines what effects it will give to the user; therefore, it is on the user to adjust the dosages to get their desired effects.

Taking high levels of this strain may cause side effects to the users like headache and dizziness. The suggestion is that consumption should not exceed 6 grams. It provides energy lifting effects.

Yellow Vietnam

Yellow Vietnam is known for being a mild strain, though it is not a weak strain. It provides calm and relaxing effects on the user, without causing stimulation and anxiety. And also gives a slight uplifting effect.

When you research about any vendor it’s not only hard to find a reliable vendor but also you need a vendor whose products are in line with what your specific needs are. And this vendor is exactly like that, offers you a wide range of unique strains.

Precious Mitre

Quality Of Their Products

This vendor is an outstanding online kratom vendor renowned in the market for supplying high-quality kratom products. They follow a very strict protocol to keep a check on their kratom quality.

Each batch of kratom went through a series of quality assurance processes before coming into the market. They warrant that their merchandise is free of foreign elements contamination, and they are entirely pure.

This vendor has a unique way of packaging its products to ensure you about their products’ purity, freshness, and decontamination. All of their unique strains are very easy to use. The effects of kratom vary from person to person, so a consumer needs to take them in dosages that perfectly suits their needs.

How much will it cost you?

Precious Mitre is popular because of its affordable prices. This is another convenience for kratom enthusiasts, they get to experience a diverse selection of their kratom strains at such affordable prices. Their prices are pretty good.

They are not exactly as cheap, because no vendor can sell kratom particularly cheap all thanks to the huge cost of importing it from Southeast Asia, but overall, they are affordable. On average, a kilo of kratom from this vendor will cost you around $70, which is cheaper if you compare this price to any other vendor.

Shipping Options

This seller has a lot of shipping options for their customers including APO (Army Post Office), FPO (Fleet Post Office), and DPO (Diplomatic Post Office) military mails. This means that even the military personnel who are active in their duties can purchase from them. Their shipping takes a couple of days.

Precious Mitre

Returns Policy

This vendor has a return and exchange policy of 30 days. That means if you purchase from them, and somehow you want to exchange or return the product then it should be within 30 days after purchase. This only implies the products whose seals are intact, which means opened products cannot be exchanged or returned.


This company is famous for its amazing blends and potent strains. That is why we often saw people and other vendors recommending their products. Another vendor named as Golden Monk has made a list of four vendors with the best stem and vein kratom, and Precious Mitre made it to their list.

It’s red stem and vein and white stem and vein are one of a kind popular blend. Kratom enthusiasts should definitely give it a try.

Should You Buy From Precious Mitre?

This vendor has all the essential qualities that you look for in a vendor to buy kratom. Their unique blends are hard to find from any other vendor. Precious Mitre is a reputable vendor that offers high-quality products and does not compromise on their customer’s satisfaction.

I would highly recommend this vendor to you, just go and try their amazing strains. Good Luck!

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