Quitting Kratom Guide: 12 Tips For Kratom Withdrawal

How is kratom? You would be standing in your home and you have over 100 guests coming just now. What do you do? You pop a pill in your mouth and BOOM! You got it all covered, all the energy you needed to deal with all that, you just have it in a second. Are you thinking about quitting kratom?

Another location, another time, you are sitting as you usually do at your office desk and you feel tired. You do not panic, instead, you are happy while stirring your powdered kratom in your tea because this is the solution. Extra work? No problem. Back Pain? No Problem.

Having to stay for more than 14 hours working without a break? No problem. This is all because you have your magic get-away with you. Easy cheezy! This is all that it is and you never thought of quitting kratom.

When You Need Quitting Kratom 

Life is all perfect, nothing can hold you down now as there is nothing to fear. You got it all covered and you will; always have the energy to overcome everything, Right? WRONG!!! Wait till you have nothing left in your stock.

One day you finish up your kratom and now you need it ASAP but you can’t find it anywhere. You ordered more but your shipment is late. That is when all comes crashing down on top of your head because you cannot go on without it. You are addicted to it and stopping is hard enough.

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Once you were an all powered rocket engine but now you are just some regular machine who needs to change batteries again and again and again and…. AGAIN!!!

All because of that green swamp water that kept you going but now you just cannot function without it.

Quitting Kratom

The Reasonable Thing To Do

Now that you got yourself into a sticky situation and you have figured out that it is bad for you then you must start thinking about quitting kratom. This is the only mature decision about this.

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It may seem hard at first but eventually, it will work out and you can function without it. Don’t be scared mate! I got your back and I’m gonna tell you all about quitting kratom.

Why Is it Addicting?

Why is kratom addicting? Why can’t I stop? Well, the answer is that it hinders the normal functions of the brain. The kratom contains over 20 active chemicals, from which 2 are just like an opioid. They affect your neurosensory and helps your brain to boost.

Just because these are like opioids, their effects are like opioids and their withdrawal symptoms are also like an opioid.

Kratom Addiction

This can be explained by a formula that is” Kratom Addiction = Kratom Tolerance + Compulsive Behavior” This means that kratom addiction can be formed by kratom intolerance and people’s compulsive behaviors.

This can be explained simply: If you are using kratom for a long time then you may double your dose from time to time because your body becomes resistant to it. Your brain will be habitual of it then eventually it will need more.

When you will consider stopping it, you experience withdrawal symptoms. When a person doesn’t want to experience withdrawal symptoms, they obtain a compulsive behavior.

The Negative Stigma Of Addiction

People consider the word Addiction or an Addict as a really bad thing, which then worsens the whole situation as people may not accept it and may often refuse that they are being addicted to it. You must know that it is fine and there are people there to help you.

When To Start Quitting Kratom

Ok, so the first step is to know when enough is enough. When you feel like you can’t go through normal daily tasks without kratom and you want more and more every time your gut tells you to stop.

That’s the time to stop. As soon as you begin to feel lethargic when you are not on your dose or you start to feel depression, you might need to cut some slack.

Quitting Kratom

What To Expect?

Now that you’ve decided that you want to end this addiction, you’ll begin to experience some withdrawal symptoms link to it as your brain has become habitual. These withdrawal symptoms occur when you go on about a certain period without kratom. The most common withdrawal symptoms can be:

  • Not being able to sleep (insomnia)
  • Restless Leg Syndrome
  • An uncomfortable feeling when sitting still
  • Runny eyes and nose
  • Feeling depressed
  • Feeling tired and unmotivated
  • Nausea
  • Hypertension — high blood pressure

A Timeline Of Withdrawal

So the main question is when you’ll start experiencing withdrawal symptoms. It is mostly determined by your dose. How many doses did you use? If you used a high amount of doses, the symptoms would be greater. If you used them frequently, the symptoms would occur earlier.

Symptoms can come on fast — within just a few hours of your last dose. This is typically within 12 to 24 hours. Symptoms can last around 3 to 10 days. The worst of them may last to 1-2 weeks while till 3 months you’ll feel them slightly from time to time.

Ways To Quitting kratom

There are many ways to quit using kratom but the top which has been chosen is given below for your information.

  • Quitting Kratom Cold Turkey: This is the most extreme way. It needs will-power. In this method, you just stop using kratom at once and never look back.
  • Taper to Zero: This method can save you from feeling withdrawal symptoms. It involves lowering your dose every time you come to nothing.
  • Tapering then jumps: This is the mixture of the above two methods. You lower down your dose until you can just use the quitting cold turkey method.

12 Tips For Kratom Withdrawal

It is a serious thing and you might need some tips to help yourself find some relief. You can try a few of these:

  1. Talking to a doctor
  2. Try medications
  3. Taking a shower
  4. Going for a walk
  5. Keeping yourself busy
  6. Reminding yourself why quit in the first place
  7. Avoiding places where you might want to take kratom
  8. Join online forums made just for this
  9. Set goals for yourself
  10. Having detox, joining a group counseling, or the 12-step program

New Research on Quitting Kratom

It is written in the Buffalo News Website that:

The FDA has declared kratom to be an opioid and has documented 44 cases where the substance was associated with the death of a user, often young, healthy people.

“Kratom should not be used to treat medical conditions, nor should it be used as an alternative to prescription opioids,” said FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb in a statement. “There is no evidence to indicate that kratom is safe or effective for any medical use.”

Quitting Kratom


If you have chosen to quit kratom then I suggest that you DO NOT LOOK BACK. You will feel It is overwhelming and difficult but in the end its all worth it because you will not be dependent on anything and you will become a stronger human being than before as it will increase your willpower.

Do not lose hope. I BELIEVE IN YOU!

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