RAD140 Vs LGD 4033 Review: How to Pick Stronger One?

Its interesting task to select one when comparing RAD140 Vs LGD 4033. Both the supplements are closely connected with SARMs (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator) and are known as SARMs. To evoke an anabolic function in cells and tissues, these SARMs respond to receptors.

These compounds are basically formed to be connected with certain androgen receptors. With a purposeful intention RAD140 and LGD4033 were manufactured by pharmaceutical companies. And the purpose of their formation is to eliminate the medical reasons that cause muscle wasting during hormone therapy.

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The most fascinating thing is that both the compounds are still under research, so a definite statement about the extent of good effects to health of these compounds cannot yet be given. Authentication about the number of benefits of these SARMs is yet to be drawn until or unless the studies are ended in a smoothly perfect way.

Moreover, the researchers have no sufficiently proven laboratory data to reach to any conclusion about its long term side effects.

We are safe to call RAD140 and LGD4033 as non steroidal ones. This simply means that they are not formed on the basis of typical steroids. These compounds however are not known to expose any side effects unlike anabolic steroids.

A salient feature of RAD140 is that it is much stronger in potency as compared to other SARMs, so here we can prefer its use to others with an overwhelming sense of trust.


RAD140 Vs LGD 4033

Those, who have entered the world of SARMs with a sound relative knowledge, must have some intimacy with both the compounds. The compounds are matchlessly performing their role to combat with the medical reasons responsible for muscle wasting during hormone therapy.

Previously, to deal with the patients facing hormone imbalance or muscle wasting, steroids were used which came up with drastic side effects harming health. Then pharmaceutical firms developed RAD140 and LGD-3033 for the provision of risk free treatment unlike anabolic steroids.

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What is And Why RAD140?

RAD140 belongs to SARMs. Also known as testolone, the compound has got popular among bodybuilders. The compound gets connected with androgen receptors to fight off the medical causes that lead towards muscle mass during hormone therapy.

The product gives effective results to the users ambitious to preserve muscle mass and strengthened endurance during the process of cutting. The compound is ideally formed to accomplish its tasks but without health damaging effects.

Research Analysis

Like all other SARMs, RAD140 is too still under scientific observation, so no definite statements about good effects and vice versa can be given until or unless more authentic findings are drawn. Moreover, the available outcomes are only those which are put up after making some tests on animals.

So, how much similar those effects to humans is still unknown. So to me the process of research and unveiling new truths should never be stopped It must be ongoing and constant. We tried to figure out exactness about the information, we receive from different sources including print and electronic media.

But it is still challenging due to scarcity of thorough research and in depth studies which need to be conducted without delay.

Best Dosage

As a matter of fact the amount of dose and duration basically varies from individual to individual according to their needs. So starting from minimal amount is advisable.  While consuming the compound for cutting purpose, the best recommended dose is 10mg per day. For a kick start the users can even take 5mg per day.

For bulking, the amount of 15-20mg for 8 to 12 weeks gives ideally fantastic results.

So, in short the compound is not recommended for those who are making a first use of any anabolic compound. The user who is intended to take RAD140 must have an experience of using SARMs with completed cycles.

So before using RAD140, the user should take Andarine and Ostarine. The half- life of RAD140 is 18 hours, so it must not be taken more than once a day.

Side Effects

Though it is generally believed that SARMs do not bring any explicit side effects unlike anabolic steroids but some negative changes in respond to the use of RAD140 have been reported which are as follow:

Scientific Results Awaited

No authentic outcomes yet drawn about RAD140 because scientific studies are still ongoing not completed yet. So, no definite statements about long term side effects can be given until the research on RAD140 is given a courteous ending.

No Suggested/Recommended Dose

Another grey area to be scientifically worked out is suggested dose recommended that could fulfill user’s demands without bringing side effects. Ignorance on the part of user can bring about drastic results.

No Awareness about Long Term Risks

As this is a known fact that RAD140 is still under scientific observation, so any definite opinion about RAD140’s being effective, how much and on what cannot be given.

May Cause Testosterone Suppression

In fact RAD140 is a SARMs, so like all SARMs, this compound too causes testosterone suppression.

Not Human-Tests

Whatever the results drawn up till now are only animal-tested, so the RAD140’s being equally effective is not certain. Even its being as harmful as it is for animals too is unknown.

Hair loss, tiredness and Change of Mood

Being SARM, the compound RAD140 also brings forth all the typical side effects like hair loss, mood swings, anxiety and fatigue that are attached with the usage of SARMs.

Expected Result RAD140 Vs LGD

Rad140 is basically formulated to treat certain medical reasons which cause muscle wasting during hormone therapy. The distinction of this compound is that it has no anabolic side effects.

Increases Muscle Mass

RAD140 Vs LGD 4033

The compound is in lead while talking about muscle mass increase.

Reduces Fat

Its matchless performance in fat burning is also much important.

Ensures Safety of Brain Muscles

Apart from playing a dynamic role in eliminating certain medical reasons that may cause muscle waste during hormone therapy, it ensures brain safety to a large extent. Moreover, its use safeguards against breast cancer.

Stacking RAD140 Vs LGD 4033

Though SARMs are considered to be more and more effective while stacked with other SARMs, but the most striking thing about RAD140 regarding stacking is that it alone is so much potential. RAD’s potency is so much that while stacking with other SARMs it possibly seems to bring more undesired health hazards as compared to other SARMs.

For the users who want to give a raise to muscle mass with cutting fat then a stack of Ostarine is much advisable. But for those hasty users who want to see the results in an eye wink, a stack with LGD4033 is recommended.

A stack of Cardarine is ideal for strengthening endurance. Even if stack of SARMs does not work, then RAD140 can be used with Ibutamoren. Steroid like Primobolan may be stacked with RAD140.

What is And Why LGD-4033? RAD140 Vs LGD

Before moving ahead, we must know that LDGD-4033 known as Ligandrol, VK5211, Anabolicum is one of the investigational drugs which are unlawfully being use in the supplements for athletes. Like other SARMs, this compound is condemned by the concerned authorities as the results received till date reveal steroidal effects in it.

Since 2008, this compound is banned by WADA (World Anti Doping Agency).

We are considering LGD-4033 as SARM (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator) and studies are continued to prove it in the treatment of muscle wasting and reducing the impacts caused by aging.

However, the use of LGD-4033 is not legalized by the U.S Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) in food and supplements. Though it was formed by Ligand Pharmaceuticals but later was developed by Viking Therapeutics.

RAD140 Vs LGD 4033: Research Analysis

Like all SARMs, LGD-4033 was also banned by WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) for having anabolic steroidal effects. Moreover, its use is abused by FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in food, supplement and in sports.

This is also a fact that definite conclusions about the positive effects and vice e versa are yet to be drawn as this compound is still under research. Its sale is allowed only for clinical purposes. LGD-4033 was specifically formed for treating oestoprosis, muscle wasting and to cure cancer.

As testosterone plays a dynamic role in the field of stamina strengthening, so we are safe to say that its use in medicine is lawful.

Best Dosage

This is very important to know about the half life of any compound before deciding dosage. As LGD-4033’s half life is 30 hours, so taking it once a day is enough. So, to get desired results in the best form taking 10mg to 22mg is more than sufficient.

Side Effects RAD140 Vs LGD

This would be height of stupidity if we are LDD-4033 without those side effects which are typically associated with SARMs. As reported findings till date expose that the use of LDD-4033 causes testosterone and other hormones production to decrease. So, this fact is as clear as crystal that it disturbs human body’s hormonal signaling.

Expected Results

LGD-4033 is greatly and fearlessly used in the treatment of certain diseases. Moreover, it has got its popularity among bodybuilders due to having certain good effects on bodybuilding related issues. Some of the good effects are as follow:


Bodybuilders go strongly in the favor of LGD-4033 as they find it to be highly effective for cardiovascular performance and strengthening weight lifting potency.



Simultaneously, LGD-4033 works on two aspects giving a raise to muscle mass and cutting the fat. At the same time it fights off against muscle wasting.

Mood Enhancer

A sense of optimism is stimulated in the user. As one remains energetic and stronger the whole day long with no side effects, so naturally the mood gets better with a pleasant feeling.

RAD140 Vs LGD Stacking

SARMs are stacked to get better results in an expected way. So, LGD-4033 is also used with other SARMs to draw outcomes to the level of perfection. While combined with GW-50156 and MK-2866, the compound LGD-4033 gives perfect multiplied to 100 results.

Conclusion: RAD140 Vs LGD- Which one Should You Choose?

To me RAD140 is performing a leading role while talking about RAD140 Vs LGD potency. Moreover, the feared of side effects are minimal or milder as compared to anabolic steroids, so preference must be given to RAD140. Another fact that very strongly favors the compound is its being much potent. Traditionally SARMs are stacked to get demanded outcomes perfectly well in time.

But while making a selection of RAD140 to get the purposes filled or to treat certain diseases, we are more than sensible as the compound under discussion has a fantastic solo flight in accomplishing the tasks to the level of immaculate perfection.

But here this point is also note worthy that the use of LGD4033 does not necessarily need any prior use of anabolic or SARMs, but before starting using RAD140, one must go through a cycle of SARMs or other anabolic steroids. So, this is advisable to go through a self conducted research.

And the recommendation about using form of SARM must be purely left on user’s discretion before making a decision.


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