Remarkable Herbs Kratom Vendor Review: Updated Guide

Herbs are becoming more common in the 21st century as they used to be. Remarkable Herbs is a well-known wholesaler, deals in kratom and other healthy herbs. RH claims to be the best kratom seller since 2001, providing herbs to over 15,000 stores across the country.

Also, the long-term, trusted, commercial kratom company in America is considered by Remarkable Herbs. This vendor has an enticing name so we wanted to look at Remarkable Herbs before we recommend it to others.

It is confusing whether the product is worth the name or whether it is another vendor who wants to sell the fake green powder in kratom. If you are a beginner, this may be more challenging.

For beginners I would suggest to don’t take any risk, and they should try reliable kratom vendor TGM Store

Let’s see if the name Remarkable Herbs justifies their product or not?

Remarkable Herbs Kratom Review

As noted above, since 2001 RH claims to be supplying herbs nationwide. But, in 2012, they set up their online store to deal with unique botanicals. It took a long time around the kratom market to get the recognition. When it comes to quality kratom, No one can compete TGM shop.

The uniqueness of this vendor is dealing with some exceptional form of herbs we can never deny. Nowhere else would you find these herbs, such as the shamanic plants. They have a confusing website, but little. Specific information is difficult to get, unless you’re a wholesale client. You may visit the Contact page for any order.

Remarkable Herbs Kratom Products Rack

Remarkable Herbs

In kratom strains they have popular collection. You can select your strain by looking at pictures. This is the only option they have, to tell what they have in their rack.

Other Remarkable Herbs

If you’re looking to bring a variety of powder products for your store, you might want to visit the site of this vendor. Like Amanita Muscaria or Yellow Ayahuasca Vine, they sell a lot more than Kratom. There are more than 15 types of Kava available.

They sell some exclusive items like Cat’s Claw, Mimosa Hostillis, Mitragyna Hirsuta, and Javanica Mitragyna. Those products are hard to find on the market.

Reviews About Remarkable Herbs Kratom Quality

Remarkable Herbs provides an array of products of high quality at affordable prices. For the safety of consumers, they sterilize Kratom products. All items are labeled, under current and upcoming state regulations.

This vendor never adulterates its products and markets them not to people. They market their product only to stores and distributors. This can meet any demand with high production power. This is all what RH says that on its website. This vendor sources Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Papua New Guinea for their kratom.

Various comment threads on different sites such as Reddit and Facebook show this vendor sells good quality kratom. People like the easy but neat and clean wrapping. They want to buy it again and again.

And finally, they don’t hesitate to recommend this vendor to others.

Remarkable Herbs


As mentioned above, a wholesale kratom brand, customers must contact the vendor directly to discuss pricing. They don’t offer any discount even for wholesale customer on bulk quantity. Prices vary with quantity and strain.

  • 1 oz – $6.99 to $7.99 per bag
  • 3 oz – $14.99 to $17.99 per bag
  • 8 oz – $33.99 to $39.99 per bag
  • 20 oz – $77.99 to $85.99

These prices are for retail wholesale customers. The general buyer pays more and picks up a bag of this vendor’s Kratom from a local brick and mortar store. So you can buy this vendor’s product online via wholesalers.


All over America, their customer service is their store. This means they have no customer service at all. If there is a consumer issue you need to contact your nearby store. You should hit their contact page for the last try.

It also lacks shipping detail. There is no proper shipping detail connected to this vendor. The vendors involved with this company compensates for that, they ensure that you know all about how your company is shipped and delivered to you.

Final Verdict

Remarkable Herbs appears to be a wholesale retailer. They cater to convenience stores, head shops, and individual vendors. Also, the people who want to make money from the bulk without having to think about packaging.

The consistency is not that exceptional with this vendor. according to my personal experience, they are average. But it is definitely something that would be great if you need kratom in an emergency. I doubled on doses and took it to feel the same high-quality kratom effects even more than expected.

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