Royal Kratom Vendor: A Detailed Review

Hello, my pal! If you are looking for a kratom vendor than believe me you are at the right place. You must be really worried about whether you could find an authentic vendor or not but now don’t worry I’ll help you find the best kratom vendor.

I understand when there are a lot of vendors out there it is really difficult to select one well I assure you I’ll try to help you find the best vendor and satisfy you as much I can so let’s start the journey to find an authentic vendor.

You must be thinking why do Royal Kratom has the word Royal in their name so let me tell you its because they have the Americas #1 premium products. It is basically based in California, USA.

They started supplying Kratom back in 2015 and their main objective is to provide the best Kratom products to their customers. They source their Kratom directly from the Kratom trees in Southeast Asia.

What Are They Famous For?

Well, they are famous for their best quality and extensive product line. They have an extensive range of Kratom powder, Kratom capsules, and Kratom extracts. Besides this their art of dealing with their customer is something amazing.

The most famous kratom vendor is TGM Store in kratom industry

They very well know how to treat their customers, solve their queries, and satisfy them. People who buy from them are really satisfied with their quality, delivery, services, and packaging, and they also do have positive reviews about it.

Royal Kratom

Website Components

As we know that while doing an online shopping website is the main thing that attracts a customer because every customer looks for details and all the offers on the website and if all the details are not provided then the customer will never buy from them.

With best services and high quality kratom products TGM Shop stands 1st in the list of kratom vendors

But Royal Kratom has put each and every little detail on their website which makes it easy for the customers to shop from them. Their website components include :

  • About us
  • Privacy and policy
  • Delivery and payment
  • Our team
  • Contact us
  • Shipping and returns
  • Site map
  • Press and media
  • Gift certificates
  • Questions

As you can see from “about us to questions” they have added each and every little detail on their website to facilitate their customers. So do you agree with me that their website is really attractive and amazing?

Royal Kratom Product Line

As I have mentioned earlier that they have literally every kind of Kratom product in their shop and one thing I’d like to add is that all the products are of the finest quality so have a look at their product line

Kratom Capsules

Gold capsules

Silver capsules

Maeng Da capsules

Bali capsules

Thai capsules

Vietnam capsules

Red vein capsules

White vein capsules

Green vein capsules

Kratom Powder

Maeng Da powder

Bali powder

Thai powder

Vietnam powder

Red vein powder

White vein powder

Green vein powder

Kratom Extracts

Kratom tinctures

Kratom extract capsules

Diamond Kratom extract

Whoa what an extensive product line I must say and I think now you can believe that they are genuine sellers.

Royal Kratom

Why Do You Prefer Royal Kratom?

I know you must be thinking why I should buy from Royal Kratom when there are a lot of vendors out there. So, I’ll list some points to answer your question


Anyone who wants to buy Kratom thinks that there are countless vendors out there so which one should he select. That is why it is very important to do proper research on the quality of the products each vendor is selling. Royal Kratom can produce the best quality of Kratom and that’s what makes them authentic vendors.


Quality is their best feature. They produce the best products as compared to other vendors. All of their products are made from pure leaves and plants and with proper care.


As I mentioned earlier that Royal Kratom is providing 100% premium kratom and that’s why their prices are a little bit higher than the other vendors but I think it’s okay to have a little bit high prices because they are providing the best thing and its true that the best things are always a little bit expensive.

So make sure to at least use their product because you won’t regret it later.

If we talk about capsules, the Platinum Ultra-Enhanced 3 packs are $25.99. XL 65-count packs are $17.99. XXL 150 packs retail for $39.99. Their largest offering, the 300-count XXXL packs, is $64.99.

Royal Kratom’s powder comes in only one size. You can get a 150g bag for $39.99. Their Liquid Kratom Tincture Extracts range from $14.99 – $29.99.


They do provide discounts and special offers like buy one get one free for their customers. They also have a coupon code “Sling” to give discounts to the customers.

Placing An Order

Placing an order on their website is literally very easy. You just have to select your favorite product, provide your details, and click confirm and you are all done. In just 3 to 4 days your order will be at your doorstep.


Royal Kratom Ship it’s products through USPS and the customer can get his order in just 2-3 days. If your order exceeds $75 you can enjoy free shipping. They don’t ship in the following areas:

· Alabama

· Arkansas

· Vermont

· Wisconsin

· Rhode Island

· Indiana


They provide airtight packaging so that the product remains fresh and no dust or other particle enters the packet.

Customer Service

Their customer service department is one of the best. You can easily contact them through email or number and they also have a return and refund policy which provides you the benefit that if you didn’t like the product you can easily return it and take your money back.

Royal Kratom Sales Team

They have a perfect and cooperative sales team. They are understanding and helpful and guide you with each and every little detail. They know how to satisfy their customer.

Royal Kratom

Customer Reviews And Ratings

There is a lot of positive reviews about them. People really enjoy their products and services. Let me share a few comments

One said, “works great for me, tho…my favorite lately.” Another commented that “Royal Maeng Da Gold XL has always been my go-to.” “Just tried it…really good product,”


There has been a lot of research for them as they are becoming everyone’s favorite. In the North India Daily site it is advised:

“Always try buying from a vendor who has diverse strains of kratom. Some sellers have only one variety of Kratom, such sellers are not genuine and can’t be trusted. Right vendors sell more than just one kind of kratom variety”


I think now you have realized that Royal a blessing for all of us and they have literally the best characteristics as compared to others. If you want to buy in bulk make sure to visit The Golden Monk and check their vast variety of products.

So what are you waiting for a go fast, order your product and make your life easy? Happy vendor finding to you!


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