S23 SARM: Is It Batter Than Steroids?

The following article would give you in depth detail and thorough knowledge about S23 SARM, which belongs to SARM family. Research based information is presented about its uses, harmful effects, dosage and others.

Acquiring appealing body structure with more than sufficient strength has been the dream of all the bodybuilders including man and woman. In order to get their desires mentioned above fulfilled the ambitious ones kept using anabolic steroids finding no alternate.

That off course complicated the things and deteriorated the situation, so to escape the embarrassment brought by the steroids, the users found SARMS as the best alternative. So, S23 SARM sounds to be the best alternative of steroids with similar medicinal effects.

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What is S23 SARM?

There is no doubt in it that S23 is also a SARM (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator). Being non steroidal S23 SARM is far too safer than anabolic steroids. The compound is considered to be highly potent. Even it excels S4 Andarine in working.

Similarity in Working

Like steroids S23 SARM too binds with androgen receptors in bones and muscles thus stimulating the growth of more muscles and bone tissues. Luckily, the task is done in a safer way as compared to anabolic steroids.

Under Research

Up till now whatever the findings have been collected about the compound are not finally stated as the product is still under research. GTX, a pharmaceutical company that is renowned for hormonal drugs is still trying to find out if S23 SARM can effectively be used in male drugs as the product is enriched with sperm-suppressing features.



The compound caused absolute infertility in rats during experiments that give an assurance that S23 SARM may effectively be used in male contraceptive drugs. Luckily the infertility caused by the use of S23 was temporary only as the user stopped using the product, the said possible symptoms were also disappeared.

Grey Area

Despite yielding innumerable benefits, the product is banned by WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) like all the other SARMS. Another bitter but true fact is that it has not yet been tried on humans. Whatever the findings about the product are found up till now are animal based only. This is also one of the very crucial short coming that cannot be afforded to be ignored.

How S23 SARM Works?

In fact S23 too binds with androgen receptors in muscles and bones stimulating the growth of muscles and bone tissues. S23 SARM is least concerned with other androgen receptors o the body and has nothing to do with them. It has its close relation with the gene responsible to carry out only the demanded task.

This thing is highly useful for the user that it does not bring adverse effects with it like liver toxicity and increased prostrate tissues. S23 very smartly accomplishes the task by stimulating the concerned hormones only. Thus the product minds its business very effectively leaving others intact.

Expected Benefits of S23

We are safe to call it a SARM with great potency as compared to others. As it binds with androgen receptors in bones and muscle thus stimulating muscle growth and bone tissue, so it can be inferred that it is highly useful in muscle wasting and bone related issues.

Lean Muscles with S23 SARM

Basically S23 SARM targets the growth of muscle mass, the said quality is the hall mark of the product. We can call it quite matchless in the related field. During trials on rats, or better mating S23 was given to them with a combo of estrogen, as a result they lost muscles in respond to the use of steroids.

But S23 assisted greatly to bounce back the side effects of estrogen by giving an increase to muscle mass.

Fat Loss with S23 SARM

Another distinction of S23 SARM is that it plays dynamic role in shedding the fat away. Apart from losing fat, the user gets bone strength with pretty sufficient minerals acquires enlarged muscles. Though excess of everything is bad but the though goes otherwise while talking about S23 as while talking about fat loss, only this smart tip works the more the amount of the product is, the lesser would be the fat.

Strength and Stamina with S23 SARM

Apart from imparting wonders to the user, the S23 plays remarkably wonderful role in boosting strength and stamina. The users reported to have long working duration with accelerated energy levels. Even the hard tasks were changed into child’s play with the use of highly energizing compound S23 SARM.

Male Birth Control

As a matter o fact S23 SARM is renowned for suppressing male hormones such as FSH and LH whose role is basic in the production of sperms. This is how the compound may be very effectively used in male contraceptive drugs.

Moreover, the ways adopted to prevent pregnancy are not that trust worthy always, so adopting a concrete and durable way is as important as oxygen to lungs in this regard. Here S23 SARM resolves the issue very effectively mentioned above.

Water Retention

Giving reality to the dreams of bodybuilders S23 does not bloat water in the body. The users have reported to enjoy all the claimed benefits from the compound even when they had ended their prescribed duration of using the compound. So, bodybuilders and athletes use the compound with an overwhelming trust.

Positive Effect on Bones

There is no doubt in it that we owe a great debt of gratitude to S23 for strengthening bone density and maintaining the level of minerals. The fact has been proven very strongly without any tinge of doubt during the trials on rats. So we are safe to call it the best treatment for the issues related to menopause.

Even it treats osteoporosis very effectively. When estrogen levels do fall then too bone related issues do occur. S23 not only strengthens the bones rather very quickly manages fractures and bone related ailments.

Sexual Motivation in Female with S23 SARM

We saw, when a woman passes through the phase of menopause, her desire to have sex decreases. This happens naturally as the sex hormone began to decrease. Commonly such issues are resolved through the use of testosterone, which more likely to give birth to other diseases like heart attacks and breast cancer.

During the trials on rats, the S23 brought forth many promising results by arousing sexual desire in them, preventing the layer in uterus and keeping its size intact. And the most surprising thing was that it did not show any possible side effects which are closely stuck with testosterone.

Hard Muscle Aesthetic

Having strong appealing muscles is the desire of all the bodybuilders, so no worries at all. S23 is there to fulfill the demanded purpose in a tremendously effective way. The compound is ideally wonderful to gain muscular shape, size and form preparing you to a fuller extent for a competition.

S23 SARM For Bodybuilders

From the acts just mentioned, it is crystal clear that S23 is fantastically ideal for bodybuilders. Even the product is strongly recommended for the bodybuilders looking forward to appear in a competition for showing harder and dryer muscles.

So, we are safe to call the compound a perfect solution to all the bodybuilding related issues like cutting, bulking, bones strength and muscle mass etc and accomplishes the task in a tremendous way to the level of immaculate perfection.

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The Mechanism

SARMS do bind with androgen receptors which do exist in bones and muscles, this is a known fact. Chemical structure matters a lot. SARMS differ from one another regarding selectivity levels. S-23 has very abstract impact on both muscles and bones with great ability to bind with androgen receptors.

S-23 gets connected with muscles responsible for muscle growth. S-23 has a rare skill for LH and FSH suppression. S-23 works dynamically when taken orally.

The Mechanism

Doe’s S23 SARM Has Harsh Effects

We are living in fool’s paradise I taking S23 to be absolutely risk free. The fact that S23 along with other SARMS is banned by WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) supports the notion that 100% safety is not guaranteed with the use of S23. So, some of the possible side effects may be expected from S23

Testosterone Level

As S23 SARM’s working is quite similar to that of testosterone, so natural production system is badly affected. To bounce back the negative effects caused by the use of S23 the users had to use TRT.

Luckily, the adverse situation does not last for long period of time and as the user quits use of compound the body comes back to its natural order fixing right the things. Moreover, to combat the problems a PCT is recommended.

Dark Urine

Though the problem is not drastically frightening, yet you must be quite contented that the negative symptoms will disappear as you stop using the product. The urine’s dark color does last till the end of the cycle.

Shrinking of Testicles

Fortunately, this side effect does not last for long time, the symptoms get disappeared as the use of S23 is given an end. This thing is caused because the product does not increase testosterone levels rather decrease them. This is why testicles do shrink temporarily.


This is nothing to worry about to a greater extent as S23 does not provoke that intense aggression, but if the user is naturally aggressive and is infuriated easily, then the compound must be avoided in any way.

Safety with S23 SARM

Though a lot is told about the usage and benefits of S-23 , but this fact must be kept in mind that the research conducted up till now is animal based only, so no definite statement can be given. However, the working and effects are quite similar to that of YK11. To avoid undesirable impacts, it is important to be proactive and cautious while using any SARM particularly S-23 (Stenabolic).

Best Dosage of S23 SARM

Here this fact is crucially important that yet standard dose has not been recommended by any expert bodybuilder which could be strongly related with the findings of laboratory research. Whatever the amount is prescribed that is best on estimations made by the beginners or naives.

So, the recommended dose ranges from 0.5 mg to 50 mg. For male the ideal dose is 10-30 mg twice a day. The half lie comprises 12 hours only. Doing PCT to cycle is inevitable. S23- starts showing effects in 4 weeks, however the use must not exceed 8 weeks.

PCT with S23 SARM (Does It Require A PCT)?

To be proactive relating S23 with PCT is as important as oxygen to lungs. The fact cannot be overlooked that the product shuts down the natural testosterone production, so PCT is advisable to avoid undesirable results.

In order to keep the results attained by the product the users recommend the use of Clomid and Nolvadex, with this not only the problems occurred are bounced back rather hard work is preserved. Moreover, PCT must be extended to the length of cycle.

Is S23 SARM Batter Than Steroids?

Is S23 SARM Batter Than Steroids?

S23 SARM Vs Steroids and Other SARMS

I it is claimed that S23 is as sufficient in working as Winstrol and Anvar, so believe me that it is nothing but simply exaggeration or a hyperbolic statement. But the efficiency of the product might b e compared to a fuller extent to that of RAD140 and Andarine.

This thing must not be overlooked that S23 is not that potent as steroids yet very effectively resolve bodybuilding related issues. Ostarine-S23 is greater strength with similar side effects that binds with androgen receptors in muscles and bones. S23 badly affects the natural hormone production.

On the other hand LGD-S23 performs the same role with great efficiency.


S23 is very commonly stacked with LGD-4033, RAD-140 and MK677 for the purposes of reducing fats and attaining muscle mass. Reportedly this proved to be very effective. Basically bodybuilders prefer to induce S23 during their phase of cutting after having passed more than half of the period of their cycles.

Where to Buy S23 SARM

This crucial fact must be kept in mind that all the SARMS including S-23 is banned by WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) for having anabolic effects. The product is sold legally for research purposes only. According to that agency the product is injurious to health.

A trust worthy vendor must always be prioritized. Moreover, the supplier must be approved by EVO and EF.

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Acquiring a perfectly fit body with an ability to compete at all levels is the dream of every bodybuilder, but the journey to get the dreams fulfilled is not that easy. One has to entangle with the harsh effects closely associated with the use of anabolic steroids that is more likely to invite uncountable health hazards in the struggle of driving out one.

That is off course so foolish. Here SARMS hold the bull with horns by giving the best solutions to all the bodybuilding related issues with zero or least side effects. So, S23 works like a savior. Apart from imparting harder muscle aesthetic S23 has great positive impacts on muscle wasting and water retention.

The Other Side of the Picture

Expecting wonders thoughtlessly from the product is really a foolish act. We must not forget the crucial fact that its use is legal only for research purposes; otherwise it is banned by WADA (World Ant Doping Agency). Secondly all the findings available to us are based on trials on rats, no human trials are available.

This must not be ignored at all as ignorance might lead to drastic end. The product though temporarily, but badly affects natural testosterone production.

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