SARMs For Women – The Best Five SARMs – Ultimate Guide

The question does arise, “Why SARMs are preferred to steroids?” The answer is as clear as crystal that SARMs with amazing benefits is far safer than steroids. Luckily, there are equal benefits from SARMs for women. The reason is that the expected side effects are either mildest or have no existence at all. This salient feature popularizes dynamically SARMs among women.

Women have been reluctant to use steroids as they are likely to develop men like features with the use of steroids; these include an increased clitoris, a hoarse voice and visibility of unwanted men like hair. Women in any way are not legging behind in any field.

They are keeping abreast with men in all the spheres of life. Walking with shoulder to shoulder with men they are voluntarily accepting the challenges irrespective of gender.

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While talking about physical strength and beauty, the role of women is really UN-denying. This is why women too badly need such products which could do wonderful to give reality to dreams. So, SARMs are originated in a way that they can be equally beneficial for women as they are for men.

Why Women Should Use SARMs?

The most drastic fact about using steroids is that the consumer cannot always bounce back the side effects brought forth by the use of steroids even after having left the use. This is the reason SARMs are mostly used by the women to resist against drastic effects of anabolic steroids.

So, I am safe to refer strongly SARMs for women. Using SARMs is a safer and more prudent choice for women.

The 5 Best SARMs for Women to Use

SARMs for Women

Women need to be discreet enough to use SARMs prudently to resist against expected adverse outcomes and to maximize the benefits. Moreover, there is a big difference of dose and duration for men and women’s intake.

Both men and women intend to shed fat, the only difference is that men want muscle mass while women want to tone their bodies.

So, it is as important for women as oxygen to lungs to have a thorough knowledge of different SARMs their usage, dose, duration and stack to reap the maximum benefits and to get the optimum results.

Ostarine (MK-2866)

Ostarine MK-2866 is considered to be the best product for women as it is not only women friendly rather is quite safer to use in many respects.

Treats Diseases

Ostarine MK-2866 known as Enobosarm is equally effective both for men and women in the treatment o certain diseases like osteoporosis and muscle wasting.

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Muscular Strength

Though women tend to tone their bodies but in body building process both men and women need muscular strength, so to fulfill the purpose mentioned above Ostarine MK-2866 is the right choice.

A Safer Replacement

As Ostarine MK-2066 is not harsh in effects, so we can call it the safest of all the SARMs. For the people who are using SARMs for the first time then Ostarine is the best choice for them.

Beef up the Body

In bodybuilding process putting on is an important part. In this regard the bodybuilders find no better option other than Ostarine MK-2066. So, we are safe to call the product best for shape and form.

Removes Fat

Amazingly Ostarine MK-2066 performs dual role with equal efficiency as not only it very effectively bulks up the body rather it cuts the fat as well in a very potent way. Without water retention it gives growth to muscle mass. The fats are shed away because Ostarine is not changed into estrogens unlike anabolic steroids.

Strengthens Metabolism

Ostarine improves metabolism in a tremendously amazing way. This is how it gives strength to bodybuilder women.

Cognitive Strength

Apart from imparting bodily strength, Ostarine is best for cognition. Mental health is dynamically improved with the use of the product mentioned above.

Bone Strength

How bones get stronger with the use of Ostarine MK-2066? The compound performs tremendously wonderful in helping calcium get absorbed in bones. Thus improves bone density.

Side Effects

Though we trust blind on SARMs finding to be a completely risk free substitute of steroids that could bring heaven on earth in no time. Following recklessly this thought is like we are hiding the face in sand like an ostrich because in any way we must not forget the fact that SARMs use in food and in supplements is banned for professional players and athletes.

So, we must safeguard our health strongly. In this regard an in depth studies about the product its results and expected outcomes are needed to avoid any oddity.

SARMs for Women

Ligandrol (LGD-4033)

All the SARMs work in a very effective way by binding with Androgen receptors in the body, so this is how Ligandrol (LGD-4033) very dynamically improves the growth of lean muscle mass. As a matter of fact the compound was formed to treat certain diseases like osteoporosis and muscle wasting and both the diseases are very closely related with women.

This is how Lindrol (LGD-4033) proves itself to be a women friendly product.

Why Ligandrol (LGD_4033)

Should we expect from steroids to get an ideal body structure right according to our dreams? Should we ignore the side effects adhered to the use of steroids? Simply the answer is, “No”. That gives an explicit meaning of inviting many problems and solving one only with the use of steroids.

Discovered by the Ligand Pharmaceuticals, Ligandrol LGD (4033) stimulates the Androgen receptors in muscles and bones in the way steroids do, but without any side effects.

Constant Development

The compound is still being developed by Viking Therapeutics, so we with an extremely optimistic approach can expect more wonders from the product that is likely to be more beneficial for ladies expecting much more.

Safe Substitute for Skin, Prostrate and Hair

Basically the product was developed to treat cachexia and cancerous issues but it very effectively treated and resolved age related issues. Moreover, as compared to steroids the product is completely safe for skin, prostrate and hair, so this is how it brings relative benefits to women.

Side Effects

Though apparently we do not find any of the visibly reported side effects but expecting wonders with zero negative effects is not that sensible. So, a profound discretion is needed in almost all the spheres of health related issues.

Online Purchase

The product is not that old, so online purchase is difficult but the known company Proven Peptides dealing in Ligandrol LGD-4033 is trust worthy.

S4 (Andarine)

Gone are the days when man was living in chaos and disorder accepting the things as they were. This is the time of truth and research. So, one needs to go through an in depth and thorough research before starting the use of SARMs or any other medicinal product.

In connection with internal and external physical structure women differ from men so do their needs. Women must select any of the SARMs with great care. Here women are really making a sensible choice if selecting S4 (Andarine) to get the body building related issues resolved.

Treats Diseases

S4 (Andarine) first manufactured by GTX labs was specially formed to treat certain diseases like onset muscle wasting and muscular dystrophy. Moreover, benign enlargement of prostrate and osteoporosis are also treated effectively with S4 (Andarine).

Strong Potency

S4 (Andarine) is considered to be highly potent and much useful among the family of SARMs.

Under Research

Up till now S4 (Andarine) has shown excellent results on animal trials. Things are not ended here still ongoing research is there to reap maximum benefits from the product.

Strengthens Bones

S4 (Andarine) has proven to be highly effective for skeletal muscles and bone health. Moreover, studies are there about S4 (Andarine) to get more useful impacts from the product.

 Risk Free

As compared to Anabolic Steroids, S4 (Andarine) does fulfill the same purposes as done by steroids with same effectiveness but without any possible side effects.

Strengthens Stamina

S4 (Andarine) boosts up stamina and imparts strength to the user. This is the reason, there is a growing concern about the use of S4 (Andarine) among the users.

GW501516 (Cardarine)

Cardarine GW501516 developed by GlaxoSmithKline is considered to be highly useful for hearth health. However, studies in this regard could not be continued as it caused cancers. But this crucial fact needs to be kept in mind that the researches were restricted to animals only.

Following are the benefits GW501516 brings to the user:

  • Burns Fat
  • Improves Physical Endurance and Stamina
  • Good for Blood Vessels

Side Effects

  • Risky for brain
  • Causes Cancer
  • Not Widely Research Not Safe for Liver
  • Banned by WADA (World Anti Doping Agency)

SR-9009 (Stenabolic)

Bodybuilders do give reality to their dreams by consuming a balanced diet plan with a combo of some qualitative compound to resolve the related issues effectively and comparatively quickly. So, in this regard for women especially SR-9009 (Stenabolic) is an excellent choice that has shown promising results.

A Diet Supplement

The product brings forth tremendous results for bodybuilders but if one is not concerned with the field mentioned above then too the compound may be added to diet as a food supplements to enrich the nutritive value.

Treats Diseases

Being a synthetic drug SR-9009 (Stenabolic) has been developed to treat certain diseases like onset muscle wasting issues.

The Best for Weight Loss

Apart from other benefits of SR-9009 (Stenabolic) like soothing anxiety, reducing inflammation and strengthening stamina, The compound has amazing results on weight loss by toning up your body in the way one wants. So, we are safe to call it the best for shape and form.

Side Effects

Luckily no adverse effects have been reported so far. The compound does not bring forth androgenic effects. Moreover, with the use of SR-9009 (Stenabolic) no hormones are activated like testosterone and estrogen. So, we are safe to call it absolutely safe.

Where to Buy SARMs For Women

SARMs For Women

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SARMs For Women Vs Other Compounds

It is a surprising fact that women are not exempted from the rat race of acquiring beautiful and strong body. Approximately 30 years back when prohormones and anabolic steroids stepped into magical realm of medicines related with body building issues, then women too exuberantly tried them out but instead of having useful benefits they got vice e versa side effects.

They unfortunately had had one option only either having good looking muscular body or losing feminine features. Though they were against the wall but could not compromise on getting deprived of feminist.

Thus, the need of protecting womanish body led to another risk free substitute that is off course no other than SARMs. Anabolic steroids and other harmful compounds are very smartly replaced by SARMs with no or least side effects.

SARMS undisputed proved to be women friendly while talking about shedding away the fat with muscle mass. Women did not tend to be masculine with the use of SARMs.

SARMs For Women Vs Other Compounds

SARMs Vs Steroids

SARMs are far safer than androgenic steroids though they work in the same way. This quality distinguishes SARMs from steroids. SARMs do effect least or not at all while stimulating growth of muscles and bones. So, in this regard some hasty body builders run after quick results by using steroids which in return bring forth adverse effects.

Then why to choose a way with uncountable health hazards? So, going for SARMs is far beneficial for users with no or least side effects. A definite statement about the use of SARMs or condemning the consumption is not enough.

What Are Steroids

Steroids can be defined as synthetic versions of male hormone called testosterone which are man made. These have been in use since 90’s. As numerous drastic side effects were associated with the use of steroids, so their use for professional players was not legalized.

Commonly But Wrongly Believed Fact

A stereo type version about steroid is that they are thought to be used by the doctors in medicines to treat certain diseases. Thus, bodybuilders tend to use it fearlessly. As a matter of fact steroids are used in medicine to treat very serious conditions like Aids in which muscles are wasted.

But the reality is that the use of steroids brought forth innumerable health hazards which could not e bounce back even after having quitting the use of anabolic steroids. So, we are safe to say that use of SARMs instead steroids is a right choice.

SARMs For Women Vs Pro Hormones

We are proving to be sensible while defining SARMs in comparison with Pro hormones if putting SARMs between the two; Pro hormones and Anabolic steroids regarding adverse effects. Pro hormones have been banned since 2014. SARMs are also not legal, but they cannot be called illegal either.

Both are considered to do the same in connection with bodybuilding related issues, the difference is of manner only. What Pro hormones do harshly bringing forth unwanted effects, the same is done by SARMS in a milder way with soothing effects.

SARMs, A Risk Free Substitute

And there is no surprise in it that SARMs very potentially support the consumer to achieve all the targets they have been dreaming for with no or least side effects. One shared feature o both the products is that they both have magically positive impacts on muscles.

PCT for Women

With the use of SARMs post cycle therapy is recommended to avoid adverse effects and to stimulate natural production. Some of the SARMs are too potent to disturb natural systems so PCT fixes all the disorders.

While talking about the need of PCT men and women do have the same body working, so whatever regarding PCT is recommended for men is suitable to the needs of ladies.

SARMs for Women to Avoid

Since SARMs are far safer than steroids, so its popularity among bodybuilders including both men and women is increasing day by day. Women do use SARMs preferably due to its milder effects. But this fact must not be overlooked that all the SARMs are not that beneficial for women. Following are some of the SARMs which women must avoid.


Women are strictly advised to avoid YK-11 as its use causes virilizatin impacts to the user. So, this is more stupid than being a prudent act to acquire masculine features in a foolish and blind quest of strong and beautiful body over night.


Though researches are still ongoing, so no definite statement can be given about the use of S23 to be strictly avoided. But it affects hormone levels and suppresses sperm production, so we in any way can’t call it to be absolutely safer and beneficial for women rather a thoughtless use more likely to bring forth vice e versa effects.


As a matter of fact RAD-140 is more potent than other SARMs, so its use for women is not that strongly and highly recommended. Though it makes men more feminine but baldness may occur with its use. So, women need to use any other SARM which could substitute RAD-140 in a best possible way. Even the stack is advisable.

Side Effects Of SARMs For Women

Women need to be highly discreet while using SARMs because any abrupt change in the form of SARM, use, dose, duration, PCT, and stack may bring forth opposite effects instead good. So, a self conducted in depth and through research is recommended in the relative field to safeguard health that is off course wealth.

Occurrence of strong virilization effects have been reported in women with the use of some of the SARMs.

SARMs For Women Conclusion

In reality SARMs are far safer than anabolic steroids, so its use is highly recommended specially for women. Anabolic steroids are more likely to cause male like features in women that is off course not liked and welcoming by the ladies. In any way feminine features need to be strongly protected.

Here, I would again recommend discretion, a thoughtful decision and a careful action before giving a kick start to the use of SARM.

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