SARMs, Best 6: Complete Guide | Types And Benefits

The moment we hear or read the word SARMs, something related to drugs strikes the mind. But the question does arise is that whether this chemically combined product is health friendly or multiplies the medical issues to many. Researches still need to be made to get an insight into thorough and truthful facts.

As available cellular results are insufficient to get to the definite conclusions, so the process of more and more studies must not be restricted at any cost, if we look forward to get health and medicinal benefits from the product.

What and Why

People usually swear blind about the amazing benefits of the product, this thing instantly makes them too lethargic to know what SARMs actually are and what are they used for? This gesture seems to bring the same drastic results regarding the usage of the product as lack of research does bring in to other aspects of life.

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Up till now very positive effects of using SARMs have been reported. SARMs (Selective Androgen Selective Modulators) got popularity among the users for not having steroidal effects. MK-677, GW501516 and androgen, a natural or synthetic hormone dynamically perform their role in reproductive functioning and in male traits.

They not only regulate the male characteristics rather keep them maintained.

SARMs do have the same effects as do the other androgenic drugs but it functions very uniquely by bringing no or minimal adverse effects to the user unlike steroids. Thus the consumer gets the optimal results without any negative changes in the body which could lead to serious health issues.

Beauty Embedded Fitness

According to the well known maxim,” Only beauty rules the world”, keeping the thought in mind people are going mad to get physical attraction through strength and endurance. They are in rat race competing with each other with a fervent desire to excel all.

As SARMs, in bones and tissues bind themselves to androgen receptors selectively, so there remains very minimal chance of side effects.

So, SARMs very smartly provide a better substitute to steroids and pro-hormones. The possible side effects in respond to the use of steroids and pro-hormones are many like acne, liver toxicity, hair loss and acne etc.

The Hallmark

The Hallmark of SARM

The novelty of the SARMs which attract the users is its being harmless to human health. Very remarkable results from the users of SARMs including athletes and bodybuilders have been reported.

The most commonly known trait of SARMs is that it sheds the fat away, safeguards against muscle wasting and treats certain diseases like cancer without showing any drastic effects. The users very confidently take the compound to have toned muscles with no fats and for performance enhancing purposes.

What to Expect

This is clear as crystal that SARMs are far safer than pro-hormones and steroids, still studies need to show why FDA (Federal Drug Administration) has not yet approved it. Moreover, since 2008, it is banned by WADA (World Anti- Doping Agency).

In the light of currently available facts, could we expect from constant researches that we might reap more and more benefits from the compound keeping away the stigmatized use of steroids?

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Need of Research Embedded Facts

The process of carrying out a qualitative research is still ongoing that got started approximately three decades back. Let me predict, with an overwhelming sense of optimism that with a fantastic futuristic approach, we are more likely to use the compound to add to physical health and to get rid of deadly fatal diseases like cancer.

A Bitter Reality

In the history of medicine, we find steroids still enjoying the liberty despite all the deadly effects. The bitter truth behind this is we find no alternative who could rescue us from diseases. Here only one principle works, “Do or die.”Either say “Yes” to the use of steroids or live with trouble.

The ball is thrown in the court of user who finds himself against the wall rather on a cutting edge.

The adverse side effects caused by the anabolic steroids are not only risky rather innumerable as well. With steroidal intake, escape from certain effects such as hair loss, hormonial imbalance, disordered reproductive traits, severe joint pain, bone related issues, acne, problems related with estrogen, sleeplessness, cardiovascular issues and man like traits in ladies.

A Sensible Choice

In any case, welcoming such irritable diseases is really challenging. This is why, to avoid any further trouble the user needs a safer and better alternative to get the related issues resolved. This is why SARMs are called SELECTIVE as they work uniquely. So, without any apprehension, SARMs may be called “ Smart Workers” instead of “Hard Workers.”

Adverse Effects of Anabolic Steroids

Use of anabolic steroids simply makes you get rid of one problem inviting so many in return to be tackled later. Bitter but truth is that some negative changes do occur in the body in respond to anabolic steroids do stay permanently in the body.

SARMs, A safer Alternative

On the other hand, use of SARMs provide a sort of shield to the user against acne, hair damage, pro-static problems, anxiety, depression, mood swings, oesteoprosis, dysfunctioning of reproductive hormones, virilization and insomnia.

6 Best SARMs


The role performed by SARMs in enhancing strength and endurance is UN-denying. SARMs undoubtedly, do have numerous functions to perform. It is like different streams falling in one river. Knowing about the role various kinds do perform is as important as oxygen to lungs.

In this regard, a right choice cannot be made without having pretty much knowledge about the type of SARMs.

MK677 Nutrobal-Ibutamoren

Mentioned above occupies a prominent place among growth hormones. The suggested prescribed dosage is 12.5 -50 mg per day. It brings good sleep to the user by accelerating appetite. Being not suppressive, its intake is for the whole day long is safer and convenient. It functions very effectively in giving a raise to muscle growth.

GW501516-Cardarine and SR9009-Stenabolic

The hallmark of this stack is that it is not suppressive, so can be used at any time of the day. We cannot call them SARMs so bluntly. They have shown promising results in cutting the fats with an excellent raise in stamina boosting. The ideally prescribed dose is 10-20 mg per day.

S-4- Andarine

While talking about bodily fitness and strong stamina, S-4-Andarine is in lead which kept showing promising results since long. The prescribed dose is 25-100 mgs per day according to individually varying needs. Possibility is there that in the future the compound may effectively and very successfully be used in the treatment of pro-static related issues.


This is an ideally amazing compound to protect muscle loss. The bones, joints and tissues, all get amazing benefits from the product. Drug companies do have this for clinical testing with a hope to get richer uses. The dose ranges from 5-20 mgs per day.


The working of it is quite similar LGD4033-Anabolicum- Ligandrol. This is too currently in clinical testing regarding bone related issues and loss of muscle. This is very popular among athletes for imparting strength and stamina. The routine dose is 20-50 mgs per day.


As far as bone health, joint issues and endurance is concerned, the compound occupies a projecting place. The task does not end here rather it is very strongly hoped that it will excel all in replacement therapy leaving anabolic hormones far behind. The ideally prescribed dose ranges from 10-20 mgs per day. The compound is matchless in strength.

Are SARMs Female Friendly?

The good that comes to mind with the use of SARMs is that it is far safer for females unlike anabolic steroids. Women do shed the fat with lean muscles and extra potency. Moreover, the product is very useful to soft tissues. The best prescribed stack for women is GW501516-Cardarine with LGD4033-Anabolicum.

Legal Status

Though hard but truth is that SARMs are banned by WADA (World Anti –Doping Agency) since 2008. To worsen the matter, FDA has also not yet given its approval about the use of the product in sports, supplements or in diet. Even there is a restriction on the sale by Amazon and eBay. But still some efforts are being made to legalize the product keeping in view its anti anabolic effects.

Where to Buy SARMs From

As a matter of fact, some sellers do claim to sell SARMs but there is no any availability of the compound in the product. Sellers are more likely to get it from China black market. So, to overcome this problem one must buy the product from trustworthy and loyal seller.

SARMs Vs Steroids

SARMs Vs Steroids

The reason behind the use of SARMS (Selective Androgen Receptors Modulators) is that they bring about the results by binding with receptors in a desired way without exhibiting adverse side effects unlike steroids. Steroid’s use in supplement, medicines and in sports has been there traditionally since centuries.

Though the users get badly affected by the negative changes closely associated with the use of anabolic steroids, but they find no option to escape to treat certain diseases or to resolve bodybuilding related issues.

The treatment, off course is as important as oxygen to lungs, so the users do invite many troubles in the process of saying “Good Bye” to one with the use of anabolic steroids. Life is given but once only, and this is the utmost desire of all to spend this short span the way they want.

In this regard, acquiring power and strength with beautiful body has become an everyday dream of everybody. So, let me ask, “Can we find an escape from anabolic steroids irrespective of the adverse effects?”The most expected answer is simply “No.”

But I prefer to play a dual game. To get the demanded targets and drive away the negative changes, SARMs are there.

The significantly note able side effects which are rather “Must” with the use of anabolic steroids are as follow:

  • Hair Loss
  • Acne
  • Excessive Testosterone Suppression
  • Prostatic Issues,
  • Anxiety,
  • Depression,
  • Mood Changes,
  • Oesteoprosis,
  • Dysfunctioning of Reproductive Hormones,
  • Virilization

Why Use SARMs!

The question that might be very irresistibly haunting the mind of the reader is “Where to go?”

The better alternative and a good substitute is there to rescue the user from all the mentioned above effects, that is SARMs.

What Makes SARMs Safe!

“How SARMs performing an amazingly effective role in treating diseases and resolving bodybuilding issues, could be quite harmless?” SARMs may encounter with such highly logical and reason demanding questions.

But with an overwhelming confidence SARMs hedge around its existence by letting us know the tips and secrets while using SARMs to safeguard against anabolic steroidal related issues.

Life needs care at every step. A little carelessness in any respect might lead to dire consequences leading to irreparable life time damaging losses. So same is the case with the use of SARMs.

Observing the directions regarding dosage and duration is the foremost important thing. The reality is not that” The more the dosage, the quicker the results” rather the fact is, “Nothing is sin, but stupidity.”

We must keep this thing in our mind that excess of everything is bad. A sudden and abrupt change in the use or stopping the cycle might lead to anabolic steroidal like adverse issues.

The most reported negative change is of suppression, leading to lethargic attitude with no urge to work in the users affecting the working of natural hormones.  No worries at all, as this can be overcome by PCT (Post Cycle Therapy), to stimulate natural hormone production.

Though there is a tinge of doubt of headache caused by the use of SARMs, but no definite answer has yet been found to condemn or support the mentioned above effect. Researchers are still on the way to find more SARMs related truths.

And the most importantly a reliable vendor like Swiss Chems is makes SARMs more safe.

Dosage Guide

To ensure safety, advice of any expert or well-experienced bodybuilder is highly advisable regarding dosage, duration and stopping the cycle. Stacking too needs an ample attention. Half-life of different SARMs is determined by the intakes with duration.

Moreover, this hard reality that SARMs are not approved by FDA, and WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) has also banned the use of all the SARMs in food, supplements and in sports, must not be ignored. As the process o studies on SARMs is still ongoing.

Ensuring authentication of the vendor, while buying SARMs is also a very crucially important proactive measure against negative changes.

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