SARMs4You Review : Are They Legit? Shocking Facts

As a matter of fact all the SARMs are banned by WADA (World Anti Doping Agency), so finding an authentically trustworthy vendor is really challenging. This is a known fact that in such chaotic conditions the buyer is usually surrounded by the fake vendors who are interested only in making money overnight regardless of quality. SARMs4YOU is also selling a variety of sarms.

Following review, through factual information collected from the most reliable sources aims to enable the buyer to go for Swiss Chems or vice e versa.

In an eye wink achieving an ideal structure is not that easy for the bodybuilders. So, the ambitious ones cannot rely upon strenuous exercise and high caloric diet because with the passage of time all the gains start fading away gradually.

This is SARMs were developed to give reality to the dreams of bodybuilders aspiring high and to resolve all the related issues.

Ensuring Quality and Quantity

This thing is really crucially important that the user must get maximum benefits from the product. Both quality and quantity matters a lot in this regard. Here starts the role of vendor that caters all the needs of the bodybuilders ensuring quality. Unfortunately, most of vendors do not have pretty sufficient knowledge required to deal in the product under discussion.

Illiterate Money Makers


In other words they are least concerned with the quality and least bothered with the product related issues and complaints. So trusting such vendors is more than simply an act of stupidity. Simplistically, nobody wants to threat the life by believing blindly the unscrupulous vendors. At least conscientious buyers do not go to fake business oriented vendors.

SARMs4You Products Quality

A definite opinion about the quality of the products simply depends on the candid comments by the real users. Though like every vendor Swiss Chems too claims to deal in quality, and there are a number of customers are satisfied about the potency of the product.

Simplistically, they dose meet the body needs for being potent.

Third Party Testing

Moreover, the vendor claims that all its products are third part testified. As this is the best tool to gauge the level of quality and quantity, and the fact is that all the buyers are conscientious enough to ask for documents proving that the product has gone third party testing with no tinge of undesirable favor.

SARMs4You Product Range


Whenever a definite statement proving the standard of any vendor is made, then along with quality the level of quantity and variety of the product is also kept in view. In this age of commercialism, the vendor too asserts to have the following range of the product:

  • S-23
  • MK-2866 (Ostarine)
  • SR-9009 (Stenabolic)
  • RAD-140 (Testolone)
  • YK-11
  • LGD-4033 (Ligandrol)
  • MK-677 (Ibutamoren)
  • GW-501516 (Cardarine)
  • S-4 (Andarine)

This is a big range which is enough to fulfill the needs of buyers. All the products mentioned above have the same effects to a fuller extent.

SARMs4You Customer Services

The number of customers a firm, company or vendor has determines the level of progress and improvement. A smart business man knows how to cater the needs of the client by feeling the pulse and by soothing the sore spots. In time responding is significantly notable in this regard. If we talk about Sarms4You is legging ahead in this regard for being consistent. They are quick in response.

So, obviously the vendor takes the services for granted, because in this age where man has conquered time and space the clients need immediate responds to their queries.

SARMs4You Third Party Testing


An impartial and unbiased testing itself is the strongest proof that standards of the vendors are high to the level of immaculate perfection. Whatever is presented to buyer on website is third party lab tested. Moreover, the related documents certifying quality are attached with the products and even can be received from the vendor by making a demand.

Join Us

We too very generously offer our services to provide you with Certificate of Analysis (CoA) if you make a demand. We have all the variety of SARMs which are duly tested by the lab. Through different platforms which deal in testing we get the products’ quality approved, so that there may not be any tinge of doubt about the levels.

Even you may get the quality confirmed of the already tested products from the lab of your own choice to acquire the best levels of self satisfaction.

SARMs4You Coupan Codes

The buyer can be benefited from the discounts offered by the vendor Sarms4You through coupons. The buyer needs to copy a discount code to be pasted in at the time of checking to draw different concessions in accordance with company’s offer. Here is a coupon for 20% off:


Shipping and Pricing Policy

Price too matters to determine worth of the vendor. So far price is concerned the prices of the products offered or claimed by the vendor Sarms4You do no differ from fixed market rates. This is a known fact that the sole purpose before the establishment of Sarms4You was to facilitate the European buyers as much as possible.

If we talk about the standards of the shipping then we must not favor only the exaggerated claims made by the vendors rather candid comments by the real users are also need to be considered seriously.


A big advantage is that the company pays back the amount if the product is sent back unopened within 14 days due to any reason in connection with quality, quantity or variety. So, once a request for refunding is made the user is directed about what to do further and then the amount is sent back with a deduction of shipping fare. The buyer draws following advantages from the vendor Sarms4You:

  • The buyer can have a great variety of SARMs.
  • Sarms4You manages to send its product worldwide.
  • Credit cards are also acceptable.


The vendor becomes hyperbolic while making claims about the speedy shipping according to which the product is delivered to the buyer within seven days of ordering. But quite contrary, the customers comments show that here too excessive delay pests the nerves of the buyers. According to them it takes far more days than claimed by the vendor to receive the product.

What is for overseas buyers if this period is for the domestic ones? The irritable situation is really beyond our wildest dreams. And as a matter of fact the user is in need of using the product immediately, so that annoying delay is really harmful. To me in this case other vendors providing the product well in time must be given preference.

Are SARMs4You Legit?


Yes. Sarms4You is legit and you can buy online a good variety of sarms. If you are looking for a high-quality product from a reliable source then I definitely suggest that you buy from Sarms4You. The prices might not be the best but you know you will receive legitimate products.


Self-conducted research is the only authentic a reliable source to make a decision further. In this age of propaganda, the vendors do use glib tongue and oily words to advertise their product. Sometimes they sand the eyes of the buyer by projecting the positive aspects only hiding the pinching facts.

Ultimately, the buyer gets disappointed by financial loss due to unstable price and health damages due to poor quality of the product. All this happens only because the vendor was not trustworthy and reliable. They did not prove what they claimed. The only concern of such vendors is stamping money in any way.

But Swiss Chems is a trustworthy and reliable.


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