Taunton Bay Soap Company Kratom Review: Perfect Guide

The age of company tells its worth. Taunton Bay Soap Company is a successful well reputed company since 2014. It is based in Sullivan, Maine, USA. Taunton Bay Soap Company offers a variety of Kratom products and much fragrant homemade soap in their online shop.
There are number of smoke shops across America. They are selling online a large range of kratom strain. But only a few care about their customers. This review will give you idea about Taunton Bay Soap Company’s worth, price, quality and other aspects.

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Kratom Offered By Taunton Bay Soap Company

There are currently 13 strains available, including a mixture of common strains and proprietary blends. We know that this vendor sells powder and capsules in store.
Some other kratom powder strains are:

Classic Kratom Strains

Red Bentuangie
Red Bali
Red Maeng Da
Green Maeng Da
Green Malay
White Maeng Da

Proprietary Blends

Red Hulk (red + white)
Red Mystery (all red strains)
Green Hulk (green + white)
Synergy (green + yellow + white)
Rainbow (all strains)
Starburst (red + yellow)
Chili Mix (red + green)

Taunton Bay Soap Company

New Pre-filled Asian Tea Capsules

They now have new pre-filled Asian Tea capsules available. They have 4 different types:
1. Red Vein
2. Green Vein
3. White Vein
4. Yellow Vein
These are convenient for work, travel, or make a great gift for the Asian Tea Newbie in your life. You can get them online at a button on their site or by phone. Also available in-store now that they have reopened.
There is an excellent option for tea drinkers. Green Vein Crushed Leaf is available now in stock.

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Package Sizes of Taunton Bay Soap Company Kratom

With several kratom strains, there are different package options with the kratom from Taunton Bay Soap Company for kratom.
• 30 grams
• 60 grams
• 125 grams
• 250 grams
30 g is the best option for the beginners. In this case there are less chances to lose the money. This feature reflects positively on the vendor as it shows that they realize that there are people who have different preferences and also increases consumer satisfaction.

Order the Taunton Bay Coupon Box

If you are not sure what to get then try the monthly subscription box. This is going to give you at least 5 different items from Taunton bay Soap Company. In this way you can try some net products.
The subscription box adds a bit of fun to the overall experience. The boxes come regularly and you get to try quality kratom from the Taunton bay soap company that they offer. This might be the easiest way to try out some things from the company.

Taunton Bay Soap Company


Their products start at just $6.98 for 30 grams with a four-strain split (250 grams) selling for $42.98. This is wonderful that Taunton Bay Soap Company charges the same amount for every weight/split category. Here are some prices of their Kratom strains:
• 30g – $6.98
• 60g – $11.98
• 125g – $20 (single)
• 125g – $21.98 (split x 2)
• 250g – $39.98 (single)
• 250g – $42.98 (split x 4)
• 500g – $51.98 (split x 4)
• 1 kilo (1,000g) – $97.98 (split x 4)

Taunton Bay Coupon Code

You can get different deals and coupon codes with a quick Google search. They often offer these deals. The last deals they offered were 2 months ago. Here are some coupon codes you can try. But remember that these codes can become invalid at any time.

Taunton Bay Consumer Reviews

In Google reviews Taunton Bay Soap Company is popular with 4.7 star rating. According to reviews, this company is the best with great prices and fresh and high quality kratom strains.
The vendor has same reputation on Reddit. The consumers are satisfied with Taunton Bay Soap Company. Redditors say that Taunton Bay provides the best kratom strain they ever used. They don’t want to order from anyone else.
But unfortunately, there are some negative reviews as well. Some consumers are not satisfied with the quality of some kratom strains.

Taunton Bay Shipping & Customer Service

Orders that are placed before 2 PM on Mon-Fri are processed and shipped the same day. There is only one option available for shipping, which is the USPS Priority Mail Shipping, which takes 1 – 3 days to deliver.
If the customers want the product to be shipped earlier than the mentioned time, then the order must be placed and processed before 12 PM EST. Because this option delivers the package so quickly, the prices are high, more specifically around 8 USD.
According to reviews on Google this vendor has a perfect customer service and super friendly staff. Customers who have questions or issues can reach out via the website’s Contact form or, even better; chat live with a customer service representative. There’s a phone number listed for added convenience.

Final Verdict

Taunton Bay Soap Company offers Kratom in only one form. Although they offer a number of strains with good packing range, it still does not allow one to ignore this problem completely.
There are many positive factors of Taunton Bay Soap Company. However, one cannot ignore the significant shortcomings highlighted above.

The prices may be attractive, but quality and safety are of the utmost concern. This is important to find the best kratom vendors for you.

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