TB500 Review-Thymosin Beta-4 | Amazing Facts-Updated

So far potency of considered TB500 can be enlisted among the most powerful healing properties. It plays a dynamically wonderful role in recovering from injuries.

Product Description

We are safe to call TB500 a product that improves the working performance and works as a safeguard against injuries. Thymosin Beta-4 a potent protein and TB500 is known its synthetic version that fundamentally systematizes the working of actin, a protein that with myosin works greatly on the formation of cells. It boosts up metabolism and enhances working ability.

Healing Properties

As a matter of fact the presence of actin (a Protein) speeds up the cell growth, so TB500 is a strong peptide to work as effective healing property. Cell migration is also facilitated with the combination of these two wonderful peptides. Moreover, it gives a hand to good inflammation that improves the process of healing.

Hair Growth

Apart from imparting huge benefits including enhancing metabolism, improving working ability and speeding up the process of healing BP-500 works tremendous on hair growth. This is because TB500 circulates fast through blood vessels.

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Its distinction lies in the act that its molecular weight is so low that facilitates it to move along the bloodstream far faster than other proteins. So, not only mild or severe injuries are treated so effectively rather hair growth too gets benefited amazingly.

TB500 For Athletes Heart (Injury)


Though research is still on the way to progress but pessimistically TB500 can be considered to treat ventricular hypertrophy. As athletes’ physical activities are much excessive that overburdens the heart affecting its working, so if the research findings go in the favor of TB-500 in this regard then off course TB500 is going to achieve utopia.

Regenerates Blood Cells

As TB500 works in combination with actin that regulates the cells, so it may safely be considered to be the best for regenerating blood cells.

Heal Wounds

The foremost important and highly dynamic role TB-500 plays is the healing injuries ad wounds. Apart from bringing comparatively quick recovery, TB500 also reduces the pain ad makes the tissue scar free.

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Joint Inflammation

The health benefits Tb-500 brings to the user are innumerable, so apart from working greatly on enhanced working performance TB500 has tremendous effects on reducing joint inflammation. That is the reason that this peptide is considered to be a highly effective veterinary drug that is given to racehorses to resist injuries and inflammation during workouts in competitions.

Diabetes in Dogs

We are safe to call TB500 a very effective veterinary drug in the light of the evidence brought forth by the fact that it is used very successfully by the trainers to be given to race horses to prevent from injuries, so it works with equal effectiveness on treating diabetes in dogs.

Improves Stamina Level

The benefits Tb-500 yields are uncountable and amazing as well. As this is a known fact that the product boosts up metabolism, so this is how it works surprisingly on the improvement of stamina and working ability. Simplistically, these features make the product ideally fantastic for athletes.

How Does TB500 Work?


This is a known fact that TB-500 up-regulates the cell building proteins like actin. Contractile filaments are formed by actin when with myosin that is extremely effective for muscle growth and metabolism. So, cell proliferation, process of healing, cell growth and migration are accelerated by TB-500 due to up regulation of actin.

As good inflammation and fast recovery are correlative that is promoted by the product TB-500. It also plays its very important role of forming new blood vessels.


Low molecular structure enables the product to move faster along the bloodstream. This is why it reaches fast to the affected area intending to repair immediately. So, the distinction lies in its versatile mobility. On hair it has miraculous effects as not only promotes the hair growth by restoring back the fallen ones rather blackens the existing hair.

How to Use

Interestingly no “Rocket Science” is involved in the use of TB-500. The product can be taken into the body to the bloodstream through injections including intravenous, intramuscular and subcutaneous. To resist against bacterial infection it is very important to clean the area to be injected with alcoholic swab.

Moreover, the rubber stopper too must be cleaned with alcohol in any way.

Intravenous Injection

Though it works greatly but this way is not that welcoming because only the users with strong nerves can go with it as the product is injected through the veins existing on very sensitive parts as back of the hands, elbows and wrists. Moreover, medical supervision is compulsory to carry out the process. As the drug is inserted through veins, so is deadly harmful for faint of hearts.

Intramuscular Injection

Like intravenous, this too is much painful as the product is inserted to the body through injection. To add to the pain the injection is pushed into the injured part. So, this is also not that much preferred like intravenous.

Subcutaneous Injection

Unlike intravenous and intramuscular, this method is least painful. It can be inserted in any part of the body that is quite flashy though it is not necessarily important. For the better results the product must be injected to quite closer to injured part. To get the maximum results from the peptide, it is recommended to rub the injected part mildly but fast so that the product may become the part of your body in a fast way.

Use for Bodybuilding

With an overwhelming sense of confidence we may call TB-500 to be an ideally fantastic for bodybuilders. It reduces the time of recovery from injuries into half than natural treatment. No doubt TB-500 is a vet drug given to horses to prevent injuries, so is equally effective for bodybuilders to get well in an eye wink to continue with routine workouts.

TB500 Combats Side Effects


As a matter of fact use of other products to put on harder muscles may create other health hazards, here TB-500 works dynamically to bounce back the vice e versa effects. Due to the availability of micro-tears in the product muscle growth is also improved. By reducing inflammation, TB500 makes the bodybuilding process a smooth sailing for the users.


The movement of TB-500 along the bloodstream is comparatively faster than other peptides due to the presence of actin, a natural protein. That is the reason it works out the injury related problems in the body very effectively. It gives a need based raise to the growth of actin.

As it accomplishes its tasks speedily, so the user does not need to have its intake all the time. The dose needs to be minimized both in quantity and frequency.

Lacks Human Trials

A very crucially important fact that needs to be kept in mind is that in connection with dose no human trials have been conducted up till now, so no definite statements can be drawn out. Usually 10 mg twice or thrice a week is taken that may be dropped to half the usual dose after some weeks.

This is also commonly taken as 2 mg twice or thrice a week by the bodybuilders just to systematize routine maintenance.

Be Proactive

Frankly speaking starting from low dose is always advisable to resist unavoidable outcomes. This is also very important to use always high quality product for injection to get the desired results in the true sense of the word.

Does It Have Side Effects?

I mean to be straightforward by saying that expecting all good from any product is nothing but only a silly thing. So is the case with TB-500 that apparently does not bring forth any adverse impacts but it does not imply that any bad effects do not exist at all. All depends on adjustment as if the body gets well with the product then all goes fine. However, slight symptoms of headaches and nausea have been reported in the beginners.

About Cancer

Regarding cancer there is hypothesis that needs to be proven either right or wrong as two schools of thought are there. A growing concern is that it causes cancer while others go against the opinion by saying assertively that the product rather reduces the cancer cells. However, scientific research needs to be conducted to catch truth-based findings.

Difference between TB500 and BPC157

As far as injuries are concerned both TB500 and BPC-157 are equally effective in connection with speedy recovery. The only difference does lie in origin. As derived naturally from Body Protecting Peptide from the gastrointestinal system the later is little more organic than former BPC-157 not only heals up connective tissues harmed during injury rather plays dynamically wonderful in healing ulcers and impacting positively on digestive system. Gastrointestinal health is too enhanced with BPC-157. Its effectiveness is quite comparable to Beta-4 so far recovery is concerned.

Users’ Reviews

But as a matter of fact the candied reviews from the real users reveal the truth that TB500 is far greater potent in connection with fast recovery as compared to BPC-157. TB-500 has tremendous impact on the growth of muscles. So, we are safe to call TB-500 a better substitute Thymosin Beta-4.


To maximize the benefits from both the products many users prefer to stack TB500 with BPC-157. Amazingly this stack yielded promising results to athletes being their favorite combination. The growing concern of the athletes in the use of this stack gave birth to Rohealix, an amalgmation of both the peptides to kill two birds with one stone.

Where to Buy TB500


It is much important for the buyer to know that mostly peptide supplier websites sell the product with the name Thymosin Beta 4. This thing also must be kept in view that the sale of TB500 is not legalized but for research purposes only. The product is always available in powder form like BPC-157.

The product is reconstituted with mixing bacteriostatic water to be taken in the body through injections.

Finding Real TB500

In this age of propaganda those who do not have glib tongue suffers badly. This is the era of commercialism and unfortunately all the vendors are in rat race to earn money by hook or by crook.

Sub-standard Product

In this greedy struggle the vendors are least bothered about the purity and quality and look forward to sell their product with the mixture of other sub standard chemicals which are highly toxic. Moreover, China based chemicals also stigmatize the quality of the product.

Pricing Low Is Not Always Good

So, a prudent buyer always condemns buying the product from the vendors who do not provide the quality ensuring documents and sell the product at very cheap rates irrespective of being conscious about purity.

What to Do?

Luckily, I am not only throwing light on the grey areas of fake vendors rather leading you to some reliably trust worthy one that that is run by Umbrella Labs. This seller is US-based which deals in peptides and other related products for research purposes.

Fortunately, they do what they claim. As shipping delivery is amazingly fast and TB500 is available in 90% pure form. The candid views from real users prove this vendor really admirable with excellent standard of commitment.


Supplies Needed for TB500 Injection

As a matter of fact TB500 is received in the form of powder, so the issue is that how to mix it with bloodstream to get the desired results. Here I would like to cite Lincoln who said, “Just collect all the required tools for cutting a tree it you look forward to, and you will accomplish the task in an eye-wink”.

Bacteriostatic Water

TB-500 is sold in the form of powder, so bacteriostatic water is mixed in it so that it may be inserted in the body through syringe.

Alcohol Swab

Alcohol syringe is used to make the area to be injected to avoid bacterial infection. Using alcohol swab is extremely important for a smooth process.

Insulin Syringe

The liquid formed through mixing TB500 powder and bacteriostatic water is inserted into the body with insulin syringe. The process is carried out through intravenous, intramuscular or subcutaneous injections.


As a matter of fact TB500 cuts into half your period of recovery from injuries by reducing pain and inflammation. In fact most of the peptides are banned for sporting activities and are sold for research purposes only. So, everything is depended on the user whether he wants to risk his life or prefers to safeguard it knowing all.

The product also lacks human tests. So, here I leave all on user’s discretion might go ahead on his own risk after knowing all the stated truths. A lot of research needs to be conducted on peptides for the sake of removal of stereotypes to approach factual information.

Apart from all negative facts the product is very extensively used to resolve bodybuilding related issues and to recover fast from the injuries.