Golden Monk Vendor Review: The Best Kratom Vendor

I love writing articles about kratom, as a regular user. It’s not only the advantages, uses, and side effects of kratom. It includes suppliers worldwide who sell their kratom products online.

Finally, I will review my favorite The Golden Monk Kratom vendor

The Golden Monk Review

I never write a word even, about any vendor or product if I have not tried it. I find The Golden Monk when I was trying to get out of the so-called best kratom vendors. I was suffering from some spinal issues. I read a review on Golden Monk. That was a personal experience by someone suffering from the same spinal issues. He had Fibromyalgia from the age of eight.

I can understand the pain he was suffering from. So he took my intention. His review was quite interesting and impressive. He was quite satisfied and happy with The Golden Monk kratom products. I read more reviews on different platforms to get more information about TGM store. Most of the buyers left positive reviews. 

I decided to check this vendor. I ordered Green Maeng Da kratom from The Golden Monk and what happened then… Let’s see:

The Golden Monk Products

The Golden Monk

TGM store has a wide variety of kratom strains. A few vendors may have kratom strain of this kind. It’s very hard online to find all the strains in one place. In all colors, they have all the strains. Varieties White vein, Green Vein, Red Vein, and Maeng Da are available at Golden Monk in powder and capsule. Note, for beginners, the capsule is the best choice, since it is easy to use.

I ordered 250 g green Maeng Da powder to test their consistency. You can order the 250 g, 500 g, and 1000 g kratom powder and capsules.

The Golden Monk Prices

Performance carries a tag. 250 g green Maeng Da, in $39.99. Compared to some other vendors I’ve met. It was relatively expensive, and a little cheaper than some vendors. This does mean that rates are fair. The comments have shown me Golden Monk is paying back in price.

Shipping Policy

Golden Monk provides free delivery with orders higher than $39.99. I couldn’t get free home delivery so. But, for bulk buyers, this is good news. All customers are given a tracking number to ensure their shipment arrives in a clean, secure, and timely manner. It takes 3-4 days for priority shipment to USPS. This shipping cycle lasted four days and inspired me.

The Golden Monk Quality Review


Finally, we get to quality. Green Maeng Da is my choice also. I used this strain a lot of times but it was different this time. The Golden Monk Kratom has felt like I have never before. I did not have any pain after 40 minutes as I have never had it. The laziness that had become a part of my life has gone away.

I never wanted to abandon The Golden Monk after this experience. With such a strong kratom strain, The Golden Monk made my day. I can assure you that the TGM products are of quality. They ‘re the best online vendors overall.

The Golden Monk takes a certain product’s quality and cleanliness very seriously.

The Golden Monk is testing their products around six times to ensure they meet all the quality standards. They are registered in the GMP of American Kratom Associations which means they are audited at the end of each year.


The Golden Monk

They also set in place Standard Operating Procedures to fight the virus covid 19.

They claim “our facilities are cleaned with a solution of chlorine bleach and barbicide. The product is contained in airtight containers that are sealed and workers wear clean masks and gloves when handling open goods. No sick employee is required to work at any time. And our workers adhere to strict social distancing procedures.

We have limited our staffing capacity to 3 on-site members. No foreign entity is allowed to access our facility. So quality always wins. I would suggest you never trust the dealers who offer their crap products on sick deals. Health is bigger than money.

TGM Discount Offers

The Golden Monk does not offer big discounts. It offers you 5% to 10% discounts from 1st order to the next. This is a reasonable money-saving offer.

They also offer some coupon codes. Here are some working coupon codes for Golden Monk kratom.




TGM Customer Support

Golden Monk has customer service like others. Yet, excellence is the difference. You may reach out by calling or emailing customer service. They promptly react.

Refund, Return and Exchange Policy

The Golden Monk

Unopened goods can be traded or returned for up to 90 days after buy. I never saw a supplier giving back or exchange offer for 3 months.

They also offer a 30-day guaranteed refund. That applies to products that are both opened and unopened. You don’t have to say a reason why you want a refund.

This is terrific.


Those are why I love Golden Monk. The vendor is reliable with quick delivery, good packaging, good quality products, and great prices. Some other vendors try their best to compete at even a low price for TGM, but the quality makes the difference.

If you’re looking for your permanent Kratom supplier, I ‘d suggest you try this vendor. You won’t waste your money, because The Golden Monk will give you a money-back guarantee.

Lab Tested & GMP Approved

Fastest Shipping