The Kratom King Vendor Review: A Detailed Guide

Hey there! Yeah, I’m talking to you. I just found out that you are using kratom and you wanted to know about the perfect place to buy it from. Don’t be shy. You can trust us. Why?

Well because we can save your time and money. Isn’t that just wonderful? It’s really difficult to trust vendors these days is there are many scammers available in the market.

Working this out can take a lot of time and effort, however, so, understandably, you might not want to investigate any kratom vendor in any great level of detail. To save you time, we’ve put together a thorough review of the “Kratom King” to determine whether this kratom vendor is worth your time or not.

So is this vendor a legitimate kratom company? So, if you are interested then let’s start our review.

Who is Kratom King?

Hmm. So doesn’t this sound majestic? This vendor has the word “King” in it, So on with the real question, whether this vendor is really the King? You know what I mean. Just to find out about this all we have to dig deeper. So let’s go!

It is important to know that TGM Store is still standing on the 1st position as kratom vendor

This vendor has been out since 2005 which actually is before kratom was any popular and all so I guess it gives them a head-start. Their first impression is really nice and why is that so? It is because they have an easy-to-navigate website which makes it a lot easier to find what you’re looking for.

Kratom King

What Have They got?

The most important thing in a vendor is their product list. It is because the diversity of the product list tells about their authenticity. So, coming on to our question about what kind of products this vendor has, Kratom King has many products.

But TGM Shop has the best collection of kratom products. Their products include the old and classics as well as the new and modified kratom strains


This is the strongest form of kratom. Extracts or concentrates are really strong and are used for a quick effect. This vendor has all kinds of extracts available.

Maeng Da

This is the most popular form of kratom. This is the most common kratom and can be said that this is the “King” of all kratom because it has the perfect blends of effects. Not a doubt that a king vendor would sell king kratom.

Other strains include:









Capsules are the easiest form of taking in kratom. They can be carried in your bag and you can take them anywhere just like a random pill. Capsules start at $25.20 and are available for Bali/PC, Maeng Da Thai, and Thai. They sell $6.50 for 28g (1 oz) and go all the way up to $210 for 1 kilo (1,000g).

Kratom King


CBD essential oils are a must. The fact that they sell essential oils is really cute, isn’t it? This is because they really care for their customers and the customers’ relaxation that they even start selling oils.

Kratom King Coupon Code

Who doesn’t want a discount? I know I do. I know you want it too. So, that means that it is worth mentioning. Everyone uses a social media account because duh, it is the 21st century. I’d be surprised if someone doesn’t.

Now coming to the topic, Kratom King gives a 5% discount to anyone who follows them on Twitter and Instagram. They also give them a coupon code if they connect their Facebook account to their website too. Now isn’t that just amazing?


So, as they are online, you must be concerned about their shipping details if you want to order from them. Customers become quite curious about this topic because they want their products shipped safely and cheaply.

Well, you don’t want the shipping price to be greater than the actual product now, do you? If you want to buy any of their product then you could just go to their official website and add everything to your cart. After buying it online, your order will come to your doorstep in 2-3 days max.

Customer Service

As you are their customer obviously, you musty think about their customer service. Is it good or bad? As this vendor has been around since 2005, many things have been said about this.

Some are really happy and have fixed this vendor as their go-to vendor for everything. Some people may have had a bad experience. But still, it is essential to go through the customer service reviews as it will give you a better view of the vendor.

They have a 30-day return policy. It means that you can return the product if you are not satisfied with it if the product is not opened yet. I guess that’s a fair game.

Customer Reviews About Kratom King

It is important to read the customer reviews of a vendor before actually buying the product because it is good to know what other people are saying about it. 

One customer said: “My first order from Kratom King was for 1oz of White Indo and the same amount of Red Sumatra. I’ve been taking Kratom for some years, but I was still surprised at how incredibly potent their Red Sumatra was.

Having experienced this great strain, I was excited to try the White Indo. Unfortunately, this variety was mediocre at best.”

The other one said:’’ The strange thing about Kratom King is that, when I order from them, I basically have a 50-50 chance to get something good or something awful. For instance, I absolutely loved their Isol-8 Kratom extract, but couldn’t stand their Red Borneo.

Good for some strains, terrible for others, but if you know what you’re looking for and you’ve tried it before, you can expect consistent results.”

Kratom King


New and new researches are being made every day regarding kratom as this is becoming popular day by night. This vendor is listed in the top 20 best vendors of kratom. In the North India Daily site it is advised:

“Always try buying from a vendor who has diverse strains of kratom. Some sellers have only one variety of Kratom, such sellers are not genuine and can’t be trusted. Right vendors sell more than just one kind of kratom variety”


Without any doubt, I can say that The Golden Monk is the best kratom vendor you can rely on, ranging from the quality of their kratom and kratom products, the outstanding and efficient customer service everything from it is first-class.

Additionally, they are making it more convenient for you to buy kratom by offering their deliveries at your doorstep. Once you make an order, they give you a tracking number so that you can track your order until it reaches you. So, what are you waiting for?

After all, you have found your ideal vendor with all the good qualities you were looking for. Just go and order your favorite kratom product from their website and thank me later.


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