Where Can I Buy Maca: Best Vendors Review

If you are a fan of uber-healthy foods and you are obsessed with trying out the latest Maca trends, perhaps you have heard about Maca. This pungent root veggie is not something new as it has been used traditionally courtesy of the many nutritional and supposed medicinal qualities that it possesses. Maca is gaining popularity at a tremendous rate and currently, it has found its way into supermarket shelves as well as in bars and supplements.

Now the question is where can I buy Maca?

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Where Can I Buy Maca

Now that you have read about Maca and its benefits, the next question on your mind is “where can I buy Maca?” We would recommend buying Maca from the first source online, where you can purchase Maca. That is not only pure and organic but can also pass all the health benefits listed so far. A number of websites exist online that promise to offer high quality Maca but you should not be easy going as low-quality products can pose potential risks.


Maca can be bought from health stores, pharmacies and online retailers. It is available at any of these sources can be found in liquid, capsule, powder or extract form. Despite all these forms being equally beneficial, it is recommended that you purchase Maca from a quality harvester for a 100 percent pure Maca powder.

It is also advisable that you purchase a variety that is raw and organic, and this includes Maca extract. When you ask Where can I Buy Maca, some of the reputable online retailers that offers pure Maca powder include Oregon’s Wild Harvest and Amazon.

Legal Growth

Before you purchase Maca, you need to know the source where can I buy Maca, and the product is a protected heritage product of Peru. Meaning that it is illegal to grow it outside of Peru. Chinese grown Maca has in recent times flooded the market with low-quality Maca that offers very few benefits. Ensure that you purchase Maca only from Peru; Avoid Maca grown in China at all costs.


An other point to know about where can I buy Maca is to ensure that the Maca supplier you are researching on buys their product directly from the source in South America. The supplier should also deal in Maca that is certified and free of GMO to keep away any unwanted chemicals or hormones.

Companies that sell Maca must also have proper knowledge on the product and should not be selling it just to make more bucks. This will help you know whether the Maca you are buying is organic, its freshness, and its type.

Online Vendors To Buy Maca

The easy answer of your question Where can I Buy Maca is, to buy online. Here are some top online vendors.





What is Maca

  • Maca is a turnip-like plant that grows in Peru and is usually available as a supplement or in powder form. This plant which grows in the high plateaus of the Andes Mountains has been grown as a vegetable crop in the region for more than 3000 years. Its scientific name is Lepidium meyenii and is sometimes called Peruvian ginseng. In the Andes, it is grown at very high attitudes which is over thirteen thousand feet.
  • The plant relates to radish and possesses an odour that is analogous to butterscotch. It’s supposed medicinal qualities have marked it for use in making medicines. Its roots, specifically, has been used traditionally as an enhancer for sex drive and fertility. Other reports have singled out this plant as an improver of energy and stamina.
  • Maca falls under the group of cruciferous vegetables and is thus similar to cabbage, broccoli, kale, and cauliflower. Its roots, which is the most edible part, grows underground and exists in various colors.
  • The roots are first dried after which it can be taken in powder form, although capsules and liquid extract are also available. Not everybody likes the taste of Maca root powder but those who do usually add it to their sweet treats and smoothies. Research on Maca is still ongoing with most studies having been conducted on animals and some sponsored by industries that manufacture or sell it.

Maca Benefits

Maca Benefits

To know about the benefits of maca is as important as to know Where can I Buy Maca. Maca offers a number of benefits some of which include the following.

High Nutrition

Maca root powder is rarely matched when it comes to nutrition. It contains several nutrients including proteins, fibre, calories, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, sterols, and glucosinolates.

Maca Enhances Fertility

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New evidence has shown that men’s fertility can be enhanced by Maca root. In a review that involved the findings of five small studies, semen quality in men that were both fertile and infertile were improved. Among the studies was one that involved nine healthy men who took Maca for a period of four months before they were tested for sperm volume, count, and motility.

The results obtained were positive.

Where Can I Buy Maca

Relieving Symptoms Of The Menopause

Menopause is usually associated with a decrease in estrogen which may result in symptoms that can be unpleasant. Some of these symptoms often include vaginal dryness, irritability, mood swings and hot flashes. In four studies involving women who were at menopause, it was discovered that Maca relieve symptoms associated with menopause among them sleep problems and hot flashes.

Maca Help In Protecting The Skin

Skins that are exposed to UV rays from the sun are usually susceptible to burns and damage. Evidence suggests that when Maca extract is applied to the skin, it may protect it from ultraviolet radiation.

Maca Improves Learning And Memory

In Peru, Maca has been used traditionally to improve brain function in children so that they can perform better in schools. Animal studies have also revealed Maca improving learning and memory in rodents whose memory were impaired. Evidence also suggests that certain varieties of Maca especially the black variety can enhance learning and memory.

Boost sports performance and energy

Bodybuilding and athletics are among the fields where Maca has become a popular supplement. Evidence suggests that Maca can help in gaining muscle, increasing strength, boosting energy and improving exercise performance.

Maca reduces prostate size

An ageing man is usually at risk of prostate enlargement, otherwise referred to as benign prostatic hyperplasia. Prostate enlargement is usually accompanied by a number of symptoms some of which are encountered when passing urine. Studies conducted in rodents have revealed that red Maca can lower the size of the prostate.

Maca can increase libido in both men and women

One of the most common problems faced by adults is the reduced desire to have sex. Evidence suggests that Maca can improve sexual desire. In a review of clinical studies that entailed up to 131 participants, it was discovered that Maca can increase sexual desire after only six weeks after ingestion. 

Maca Nutrition Facts

Generally, Maca is rich in fatty acids, amino acids, phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals. A nutritional research published on nutrition data, com reveals the following component of Maca. Carbohydrates comprise 59 per cent which in combination with alkaloids offer a great choice for sustained energy.

Proteins make up 10.2 per cent while fibre makes 8.5 per cent. Maca protein is easily assimilated while its high level of cellulose and lignin helps in stimulating intestinal function.

  1. Other vital components of Maca are the essential amino acids and free fatty acids. It is these essential amino acids that have rendered it useful in enhancing sex drive and fertility. For the free fatty acids, up to 20 have been discovered in Maca. They are responsible for supporting major cellular functions in the body. The acids range from saturated to non-saturated with the former constituting forty per cent while and latter constituting fifty-five per cent. Some of the most abundant fatty acids that add to the nutritional value of Maca include stearic acid, oleic acid, palmitic acid and linoleic acid.
  2. Maca also contains vital vitamins such as ascorbic acid, thiamine, riboflavin and niacin. Ascorbic acid helps in supporting anti-oxidant activity while niacin assists in healthy circulation. Vitamin B2 or riboflavin is essential for the production of red blood cells in the body and body growth while vitamin B1 or thiamine assist the body in converting carbohydrates to energy. The latter is also necessary for proper functioning of the heart and the nervous system.
  3. Besides vitamins, Maca also contains major and minor minerals. The major minerals include calcium which is required in bone development, phosphorus which is vital for calcium homeostasis, and magnesium which is important for protein synthesis and nerve activity. Other major minerals present in Maca include potassium which helps maintain healthy homeostasis and sodium which, in unison with potassium can aid positive circulation. The minor minerals include copper for supporting the health of enzymes, zinc for mental function and manganese for healthy growth. Also present is iron which forms an important component of haemoglobin, selenium that keeps cells from free radicals and boron that aids metabolism.
  4. Maca also contains sterols that can lower the level of cholesterol in the blood. Raw Maca also contains sugars, 20 grams sugar per 100 grams, which may not be a good news for diabetics. However, they can take it in form of liquid extracts.
  5. The presence of glucosinolates also makes Maca ideal for use as a pesticide. Glucosinolates are natural pesticides that are present in the cells of plants and are usually released when the tissue becomes damaged. Eventually, Maca contains polyunsaturated acids which include the Macaenes and Macamides. The root of Maca also has the ability to raise the body’s physical resistance to diseases by improvident emotional and psychological health since it is an adaptogen.

How To Use Maca

How To Use Maca

How to use maca powder? Incorporating Maca into your diet is quite easy. Besides being taken as a supplement, Maca can as well be added to baked goods, smoothies and oatmeal. For medicinal purposes, the exact dose is yet to be determined, although animal studies have used a range of 1.5 to 5 grams per day.

Maca can be obtained in some supermarkets and health food stores where it is mostly available in powder form, liquid extract, and 500-mg capsules. The type that is readily available is the yellow Maca.

Side Effects Of Maca

Before looking at the side effects of Maca powder, it is important to note that Maca and pharmaceutical drugs are in no way similar, the latter is renowned for various side effects. Maca in simple terms is food that is rich in nutrition and has been consumed by those living in the Andes for thousands of years without any reported problems.

Although the recommended doses are low (6-9 grams), farmers growing this food has defied the odds by consuming up to 500 grams of fresh Maca or 100 grams on a daily basis.

Scientific Research On Potential Side Effects Of Maca

Scientific evidence suggests that Maca is 100 per cent safe for human consumption with no toxicity or real side effects. In a review of major research conducted on Maca, author Gustavo Gonzalez, in “ Ethnobiology and Ethnopharmacology of Lepidium meyenii,” discovers that over 600 consumers of Maca who participated in the studies and reside in Peru showed an improved health status without any side effects.

Reported Maca Side Effects

Although no real side effects have been discovered via scientific research, various customers have reported a few experiences that they have encountered while consuming Maca, more so first-timers. Here are some of the side effects and their possible remedies.


There are people who have reported a feeling of insomnia upon consumption of Maca for the first time. This effect can be alleviated by taking Maca before 2 pm in low dosage. What is even more interesting is that some women in menopause who take Maca have reported that the product has helped them in overcoming insomnia.


Those who start consuming Maca have also reported an increase in acne. This symptom is only temporary and should diminish as your body balances its hormones.

Iodine Allergy And Thyroid Issues

Several users of Maca have also reported issues associated with iodine and the thyroid.

Digestive issues

A few customers have also reported issues with their digestive system including upset stomach and gas upon consumption of Raw Maca. This usually occurs as a result of the high content of starch in Raw Maca. Individuals whose digestive system is sensitive can avoid this by using gelatinized Maca.

Factors That Contribute To The Potential Side Effects

Maca that is sourced in the market may differ significantly in quality. Most of the effects listed above often result upon consumption of poor quality Maca. To overcome this, there are a number of questions that you need to ask yourself when buying Maca. You need to know whether the Maca you are buying is organic, its freshness, and its type.

It is recommended that you purchase certified organic Maca products to avoid any traces of chemicals. Always consider fresh Maca and on top of this, go for the type that is ideal for you. For instance, individuals with the sensitive digestive system can avoid digestive issues by using gelatinized Maca.

Choosing A Maca Powder

Choosing A Maca Powder

After knowing Where can I Buy Maca, you need know about the selection of Maca. As already mentioned, Maca root powder confers a number of health benefits courtesy of its unique composition of several nutrients and phytonutrients. Some of these benefits include hormone balance, increased energy and antioxidant properties.

Labeling Of Maca

When choosing a Maca powder or any supplement, it is vital that you always check the label to know the source and quality of ingredients as well as the dosage and potential allergens. Before you choose a Maca powder, you need to check the type of Maca root it contains. Maca roots exist in three main types each with its own benefits.

Selection Of Maca

If you are a man looking for Where can I Buy Maca powder that will help you with your libido, muscle building and mental focus, consider that which contains black Maca root. For women, Maca powder sourced from red Maca root is the ideal choice as it helps in balancing hormones as well as increase fertility and bone health.

For boosting energy, the yellow type is the most commonly used powder.

Eventually, you need to decide on the dosage of Maca powder that is ideal for you. There are people who prefer a daily dosage of 500 grams although others prefer taking up to 2000 mg per day.

Maca Dosage

Your daily Maca dosage largely depends on your reason for taking the product and in what form. Maca powder can be consumed loose or in capsules. You already know that Maca may assist you with your libido and male fertility issues.

According to Mark Stengler from Stengler centre for Investigative Medicine, 1500 mg to 3000 mg can be consumed in capsules daily.

A daily dosage of 2000 mg is recommended for treating menopause. For those using loose powder, Stengler suggests beginning with 1 teaspoon. Then working gradually to a maximum of 3 to 6 teaspoons on a daily basis.

This regimen, according to Stengler should be continued with for 3 to six months. Then followed by a break of 1 to 2 weeks before proceeding with the use of the powder.


There are certain things that you need to understand after getting the answer where can I Buy Maca, about dosage and they include the following.

  • You need to understand that pure Maca powder is food. Whether it is taken as raw or as a gelatinized food.
  • It is impossible to overdose Maca as it is neither drug nor a herb.
  • You need to consider your body weight when starting with Maca. This will help you determine your dosage.
  • Eventually, you need to consider your overall health and age to help you in deciding your dosage. A middle-aged athlete should take more Maca than a person who is ageing.

Bottom Line

Now you have come to know that Where can I Buy Maca. Maca is a highly nutritious food that offers a number of benefits. The product has been used by the people of Peru for thousands of years. There are no reports of potential side effects.

Some of its benefits include enhancing fertility, relieving symptoms of the menopause. It is also helpful in protecting the skin from the sun, improving learning and memory.

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