Where to Buy Moringa Online – Benefits, Uses And Dosage

When we ask where to buy moringa there are so many ways. Moringa products are common among many industries that include;

  • Herblink Biotech Corporation in China. Main product includes plant extract and fruit powder.
  • Shaanxi orient industrial co. ltd. In China. extracts oil as a product.
  • MARUDHAR FOODS PRIVATE LIMITED. It’s a company in India. Its main products include herbal powder and black seed oil.
  • SMITH SORENSON NUTRACEUTICALS. It’s in United States. The products include omega 3 fish oil, sport nutrition.
  • ANCIENT GREEN FIELDSBPRIVATE LIMITED. Found in India and the products include Amla fruits powder and moringa leaf powder.

Aduna is the best to buy moringa online

  • Xi’an Herbsens China Co., Ltd. it found in china .it main product is plant Extract, Food Additive.
  • Shandong Oriental Green Bio Co., Ltd. Found in china. Main product plant extracts.
  • DOMINATE INDUSTRIES. Found in India .main product moringa powder, moringa leaves.
  • RICH ART AND CRAFT. Found in India. Main product is blue pottery.
  • Shaghai Realmus Industry Co., Ltd.
  • The herb can also be purchased through online marketing shops globally.

Before we discuss on where to buy moringa in details, lets have an overview on Moringa.

What is Moringa

Where to Buy Moringa


It is equally important to know what is Moringa as where to buy moringa is:

  • Moringa tree originally originated from India. Today the tree is common around tropical, semi arid areas and sub-tropical areas.
  • The tree is of high nutritional value. It consists of seven times vitamin C in oranges, two times the amount of protein in milk and four times the amount of vitamin A in carrots. It also contains other nutrients like calcium and potassium.
  • The tree does well in desert conditions due to its ability to resist long periods of drought. The herb can be used as an option in the fight against hunger as it is of high nutrition value.
  • Moringa seeds can be used in treatment of water. This helps to save on buying expensive chemicals that help control water pollution.
  • Its self is a tree hence it helps control soil erosion. This is due to its long tap roots that hold soil particles together reducing soil erosion.
  • The herb plays a key role in nourishment of air. It helps in the process of gaseous exchange as it uses carbon (IV) oxide and gives out oxygen during the day.

The tree is commonly referred to as Drumstick tree, Horseradish tree, Mother’s Best Friend according to different regions.

Where To Buy Moringa Online

Lets have a guide line before you get the answer where to buy moringa:

  • In the case of medicinal value it is always good to seek guidance from qualified personnel. The person can be a doctor or any licensed person.
  • You can also purchase the doses on the above mentioned companies worldwide. The companies have operated for years and they offer quality products.
  • Avoid purchasing the doses in areas you are not sure of as the products might not be real.

Here are some best online places where to buy moringa:

  • Aduna
  • myprotein
  • ynotorganic
  • moringasource
  • zestofhaiti

    Moringa Leaves

    Where to Buy Moringa


  • Anemia support. The leaves have a high source of iron in them. Anemia will never strike you when iron is present in your body. The herb is said to contain double the iron found in spinach.
  • Prevents hair shedding. The leaf has different types of vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and vitamin B3. The B vitamins are the ones that prevent shedding of hair.
  • Smooth skin. Vitamin C being an antioxidant helps in smooth and younger skins.
  • Appetite reduction. Due to its high protein that enhances feeling of satisfaction very fast. This is good to people who would like to lose weight.

Traditional Uses Of Moringa

  • Seeds, flowers and leaves were consumed as foods among the community. This is because they were termed of great nutrition value.
  • Roots bark and stems were used to make farm tools like axe. These tools were mostly used in farm to carry out farming activities.
  • Some parts of the plant like leaves were extracted for medicinal purposes. These leaves cured several illnesses in the traditional society.

Common Moringa Products

Moringa Powder

The leaves are said to be the most nutrition part of moringa. They are picked dried at low temperature and they are shredded into a digested powder.

Moringa Oil

The oil is usually extracted from moringa seeds. The oil can be found in a high variety of beauty products such as soups, cream, makeup, perfumes and body washes.

Moringa Tea

This is a very popular drink among people. The leaves of moringa tree are shredded, dried and bagged for tea. Some people prefer moringa leaf powder to create tea.

Benefits Of Moringa Tree

The tree is referred to as magic tree due to many benefits it contains. The benefits include:

Ensures Balance Of Hormones

Enhances production of hormones somatotropin, testosterone and estrogen which help in keeping the balance of general health. Lack of mentioned hormones may result to faster aging process and affect anti-oxidative activities.

Medicine To Asthma

Moringa reduces the frequency of occurrence of asthma and alleviates its symptoms which include chronic coughing

Cure To Anemia

It helps to increase absorption of iron hence leads to rise of red blood cells in the blood.

Promotes Heart Health

Isothiocyanates and niaziminin are components in moringa that prevent thickening of arteries. The thickening is caused by fatty deposits in the arteries.

Treats Stomach Illnesses

Isothiocyanates a component in moringa can treat stomach ulcers and constipation due to its high fiber content.

Facilitates Immunity

It stimulates your immune system and gives it power to fight against other illness.

Prevents Cancer

Well known for its attributes in the control of cancer due to presence of phenolic component, quercetin and kaempferol.

Acts As Anti-bacterial Agent

Has blood spectrum of protection which fight against food borne micro-organisms that include salmonella.

Key Factor To Improve Eyesight

Presence of increased antioxidants aids improve vision and offer protection against lateral damage.

Protect Liver

It prevents and fights liver damages caused by various drugs. Moringa also helps in speeding up the recovery process of the heart. It restores normal glutathione levels in the body and helps prevent hepatic lipid peroxidation.

Stabilize Blood Sugar Levels

High levels of glucose increase the risk of contacting diabetes. Using hormonal balancing and glycemic controlling properties moringa is able to fight two types of diabetes. Chlorogenic acid that aids in regulation of blood glucose levels.

Protects Skin And Nourishes Air

Its anti bacterial and anti viral qualities that keep your skin protected from infectious threats. It hydrates and detoxifies the skin and this neutralizes the effect of dangerous toxins brought by pollution, sweat and some chemical products.

Lowers Serum Cholesterol

Moringa extracts of roots and leaves help in lowering the amount of serum cholesterol in our bodies.

Improves The Functions Of Kidney

Diuretic and detoxifying properties contained in moringa roots enhances kidney functions and resolve urinary infections.

It Regulates Thyroid Functions

It has a regulatory action on gland thyroid. This help people with grave’s illnesses and over active thyroid find significant in their signs and symptoms on regular use of moringa supplement.

Benefits Of Drinking Moringa Every Day

Where to Buy Moringa

It Is Nutritious

Moringa is a rich source of minerals, vitamins and amino acid. These nutrients are of health benefits as they boost the body to resist diseases.

Fight Inflammation

Inflammation leads to chronic disease like diabetes, obesity and respiratory problem. Moringa reduces inflammation by suppressing inflammatory enzymes and protein in the body. Suppressed inflammatory enzymes leave almost no possible chances for any type of chronic diseases.

Protects The Cardiovascular System

The leaf powder enhances health in blood lipid control and prevents the formation of plague in the arteries. It also reduces cholesterol levels. These factors help to protect the cardiovascular system of the body.

Hastens Healing

Its roots and leaves have blood clotting properties that ensure quick wound healing and shorten clotting time. This is because the nutrients contained in the leaves and roots increase platelets in the blood which helps in blood clotting process.

Contain Antimicrobial Properties

It has antibacterial properties that fight micro-organisms that cause infection.

It Fights Free Radicals

Antioxidants fights free molecules that lead to cell damage.

Why Is Moringa Good For Women?.

The herb has a lot of health benefits when it comes to women. All the health benefits are highlighted below.

  • Supports weight loss. Its natural detoxifying effect helps in weight loss in a healthy manner among women. This helps to control obesity levels a common factor in women.
  • It is good for nails and hair. Presence of vitamin A and zinc help in good growth and development of hair and nails. Good hair and nails are very common in women as they are of great significance when it comes to beauty.
  • Enhances women sexual health. Due to ability of moringa to reduce one’s stress hormones. Reduction of stress results to healthy reproductive system among women.
  • Enhances lactation. It has ability to increase the quantity of breast milk that mothers can produce. The herb increases the quantity of milk produced.
  • Improves moods among women. Such functions are possible by balancing the neurotransmitters that are linked to your mood response system.
  • Makes menopausal stage bearable. Through proper of good nutrients to your body they are able to overcome menopause symptoms.

Importance of Moringa For Men

Moringa is of great significance to men as it is to women as it is illustrated below.

  • Boost sexual performance. This is due to improved blood flow among men. This helps them to have sexual intercourse for longer times.
  • Enhances energy. Helps to boost ones energy especially when it comes to men who are In sports. A lot of energy is required especially when the muscles are active.
  • It improves circulation of blood. It is a powerful herb that ensures proper circulation of blood in all body parts. Proper blood circulation leads to good distribution of body nutrients and oxygen.

Side Effects Of Moringa

As it is clear everything good as its dark side also and moringa is no exceptional. The herb has its side effects that are not favourable to humans. They include,

When you have come to know where to buy moringa than you should know that the herb contain anti fertility effects that may lead to miscarriage among women. In other words it can result to abortion of infants

  • It may cause cancer if consumed in overdoses and also lead to damage of particular organs. This is due to high toxic levels in them that lead to damage of body organs that in severe conditions result to cancer.
  • It may lead to increased blood sugar. Research show that higher dosage of the herb can increase blood sugar due to high toxic levels. High levels of glucose in the blood are harmful to our health.
  • Breastfeeding mothers are advised to avoid moringa as the chemical is not good for infants. The chemical has dangerous side effects and may lead to death of infants if not controlled in early stages.
  • it might cause nausea, heartburn and diarrhea if consumed in large amounts especially to first users. These side effects leave one in unfavorable conditions that are at times unbearable.
  • To many first users the taste is un-pleasant as it produces gag reflex.
  • It is not advisable to those on blood-thinning medication as the herb thickens blood. This may result to serious health conditions among the affected.
  • Moringa roots and their extracts are of health risk if consumed directly through mouth due to their high levels of toxin in them. This may result to poisoning and if not controlled death.

Warnings before Consuming Moringa seeds

  • Do not take the seeds on an empty stomach.
  • Peel off the seeds before eating.
  • Do not eat the seeds if you are pregnant or lactating.

Benefits Of Moringa Seeds

Where to Buy Moringa

Enhance Strong Teeth And Bones

Presence of nutrients zinc, calcium and other minerals lead to very strong teeth. Calcium aids in strong teeth and zinc facilitate the process of sperm formation in men.

Water Treatment

Moringa seeds, oil and seed cakes are used for treating dirty water. This will help control water borne diseases especially in the third world countries.

Encourage Fast Growth Of Hair

Zinc and vitamin A encourage growth of hair. Vitamin C that is present in seeds encourage blood circulation through the scalp to facilitate growth and development of hair follicle.


The accurate amount of moringa to be used has not been implemented yet. Always be advised to seek guidance from your nutritionist. Here are some guidance about the amount to be consumed.

  • 150llbs – 1600-2200mg
  • 200llbs – 2100-2900mg
  • 250llbs – 2700 -3600 mg

The above doses are at their maximum levels so one should not exceed these measurements. For beginners always start with little doses and you can advance to the above mentioned levels.

Summarized Nutritional Value In Moringa

  • 8.53mg of Carbohydrate
  • 2.1mg of Protein
  • 3.2mg Dietary Fiber
  • 0 of Cholesterol
  • 0.62mg of
  • 30mg of Calcium
  • 45mg of Magnesium
  • 50mg of Phosphorous
  • 461mg Potassium Niacin

in case, you are confused or not getting the answer, where to buy moringa, here are some tips to grow your own Moringa.

How Does Moringa Seed Appear?

The seeds appear in a circular shape with grey wings. The main agent of pollination is wind as the seed is easily carried by wind. The seeds are typically arranged in ponds and they look like green beans.

How To Grow Moringa Plant From Cuttings

Always ensure after the plant stops to produce plants every year always ensure to cut the tree branches. The cut branches are so good in growing new tree varieties. Place the cuttings in soil and water. You can add a little manure and sand soil. Water the cuttings at least two times in a day.

How to Grow Moringa Plant From Seeds

  • The best suitable area is a place with enough lighting and sandy soil. Always avoid water-logged clay soils.
  • Make holes of 30cm by 30cm deep and fill the holes with compost manure which aids better growth.
  • Plant 3-5 seeds per hole and deeper the size of one’s thumbs nail.
  • Always ensure the soil is moist enough so that the top soil will not choke the germinating seeds due to dryness. Take caution not to wet the soil a lot or the seeds will drawn with the water or else rot.
  • When the seedlings are 4 inches above the ground level, remove the weak and unhealthy seedlings leaving only vigorous and healthy growing seedlings.

Transplanting Of The Seedlings

  • The area where the seedlings are to be planted should be light and sandy. Prepare 30 cm squire by 30 cm deep and feel the holes with compost manure and a little loose soil.
  • Water the transplanting holes one day before transplanting.
  • Plant seedlings early in the morning or very late in the evening to avoid the seedlings from drying out of the hot sun.
  • Make a huge pit and cut the seedlings from their plastic bags that were used in the nurseries. Take caution to keep the soil in the seedlings intact.
  • Park some more soil along the seedling base and plant.
  • Water lightly for the first one week to avoid drowning of seed lings.

With that you have your own moringa tree.

Moringa Root

something more important than to know where to buy moringa is:

  • The roots have higher nutrient than leaves and seed. it contain some alkaloids and phytochemical compound.
  • These root are said to have a bark which are said to be toxic and can hurt your system when you eat.
  • Ensure when eating moringa tree remove the root back completely because it contains two alkaloids. Namely benzylamine and moringinine which are toxic.


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