White Dragon Kratom: A Super Strong Strain

Kratoms are known for their exceptional benefits and effects. Moreover, kratom is by far the only natural occurring herb that has proved to beat many human-made artificial drugs. Its composition is considered to be a great mix of alkaloids.

A high concentration of useful components is the reason why its effects are long-lasting and incomparable. A wide range of variety comes when we talk about the strains of kratoms, they come in different forms. Here, we shall discuss another strain White Dragon Kratom which is not a strain itself. 

Let’s jump right into it to know the mystery. 

Combination Of Two Strains

As the name suggests “Dragon”, is known by this name due to its powerful and potent effects. It is comparatively strong. White Dragon Kratom itself is not a strain but a combination of two strains which are mainly Maeng Da and Elephant kratom.

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Each one of them is specified for its qualities. Maeng Da has a great tendency and ability to provide energy while elephant kratom is specially used to treat depression and deal with anxiety issues. When both come together, it becomes nothing but a dragon combo.

Fire breathing tendencies is the reason why White Dragon has become a darling in the society. It’s street appealing nature is due to the strains added in it which are exceptional due to their origin and effects. Below, we shall discuss what is important in these two respective strains. 

White Dragon Kratom

Elephant Kratom

White Elephant Kratom is a strain that is found from the elephant trees. The exotic soil and fertile land improve the giant growth of the leaf. This leaf resembles the elephant ear’s due to its big and large appearance.

Just as its size is big, it has some strong effects as well that alleviates stress, relief the pain and helps in giving positive energy to both mind and soul. At moderate doses, it induces a sense of calm. 

Maeng Da Kratom

Maeng Da Kratom comes from the Indonesian region. It is a great strain of Kratom. White Maeng Da is an awe-inspiring strain. It tends to last for more than 6 hours. In the remote rainforests of Thailand, this strain is gone through a complete process of maturing.

Once it reaches the required age, it is harvested and the white strain is processed ultimately resulting in its appearance in the global kratom market. It is translated as “Pimpy Daddy Strain”. To buy this amazing strain visit The Golden Monk website.

Users may experience a strong sense of activeness and give a burst to your mood. This strain is accompanied by a mild range of exhilaration. 


All of the strains are mostly known for the place they are originated from. Elephant Kratom is known because of its appearance, Maeng Da is known for its leaves, Kali Kratom is known for the place it comes from and the plant itself whereas Borneo strains are known for their birthplace which is the Borneo Island.

White Dragon Kratom has an exception in this regard as this strain is known as Dragon due to its effects. These effects are stronger and last longer because it is a blend of two major most important strains which are Maeng Da and Elephant Kratom. This plant is grown abundantly in Indonesia and Malaysia.

White Dragon comes from the two strains which are grown in the South East Asian region. This region is grown in an area that is hot and humid providing all the factors that aid in its growth.  

Assistance Provided by White Dragon Kratom

Perhaps the most significant benefits that you can expect to get from White Dragon are similar to Maeng Da and Elephant but are just the extended and extensive effects that are stronger, lasts longer, works faster, and helps in solving your issues.

Just a small amount of White Dragon taken in moderation can make you see the results. You do not have to buy this Kratom in bulk but we are sure, if you buy White Dragon Kratom for once then no factor would actually be able to resist you from buying it again.

Unlike other strains, this super blend does not possess any harmful effects or negative side effects. Any consumer has significantly not reported any side effects. Assistance provided by White Elephant is discussed below:

White Dragon Kratom

Aids in Fatigue

If you tend to increase your focus after long hectic training or workload which is making you give up, you might be lacking stamina. This is not a good sign as it can affect your overall performance.

For this, White Dragon comes to your rescue as this Kratom fights fatigue. Aids in improving your stamina and gives you the energy that you require to complete your undone long tasks. 

Aids in Anti-anxiety

When you try Maeng Da Kratom, you might feel an increase in energy. However, if you are dealing with anxiety issues, you might opt for Elephant Kratom. What if you are going through both? Perhaps, taking both at the same time in a perfectly blended mixture is the best idea.

White Dragon helps in dealing with anxiety issues. It improves social interaction. Hence, with all these factors, White dragon also aids in providing Confidence. In this way, the consumer feels good energy, have good imaginative thoughts and fight anxiety issues ultimately. 

Aids in Depression

Another great advantage provided by White Dragon Kratom is that it helps to counter depression. If you are having a bad mood and you are experiencing these issues more often, it can even lead to depression and pain.

It is not a good sign to have prolonged stress as it could be harmful. For this White Dragon is a great help, it helps in providing a fight to depression. It relieves stress and aids in making you feel happier. 


Kratoms are always crucial to handle but when it is a blend of two or more strains, it is even harder. To avoid the negative effects, you should be very watchful in the amount you’re consuming the Kratom in. Following are the recommended dosages that you can try:


If you are a beginner then you should not exceed the limit. A recommended dosage for a new kratom user is 0.5-1 grams. Remember, moderation is the key.


Experimenting with Kratom can be fun but you should examine your body and its capacity. Perfect moderate dosage for regular customers should be 2-4 grams per day. 

White Dragon Kratom


Taking more than 6 grams per day can be adverse and can be a wrong usage of White Dragon. 

Latest Research

Research on White Dragon Kratom has concluded that taking Kratoms in a blend can be a good source instead of taking Kratoms separately. Both shall have equal effects. However, the blend could lead to a long-lasting and a better experience. 

Final Thoughts

As a conclusion, we can evidently say that White Dragon is something not to be missed. If you are looking for a more exceptional experience then taking White Dragon Kratom is a good choice. From reviews and researches, it is reported that White Dragon is a very highly rated product. 

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