White Rabbit Kratom: Reliable Vendor Or Not Worth Damn?

Kratoms have emerged in the industry and now are being used by natives and people from all around the world. With their exceptional advantages, it is used and has now become a “darling” for many people. Many vendors are selling kratom and White Rabbit Kratom is one of them.

You can’t deny the fact that it is attracting the market and many drug-testing agencies are investing their money in this herbal product to make use of it. There is a wide range of advantages that can be counted while talking about Kratom as it possesses the opioid effects and stimulates the being.

However, undoubtedly with every positive effect, there is a negative effect. To avoid these negative effects select a reliable kratom vendor online, like TGM store.

Kratoms are majorly used for:

  • Providing a sudden burst in energy levels and giving a stimulation.
  • Aiding in improving focus and motivation.
  • Resulting in relieving acute and chronic pains. 
  • Dealing with depression and anxiety issues. 

Acquisition of Kratom

Purchasing of the Kratom is as hard as the negative effects caused by it. Some negative effects that users can experience if the product is taken in high dosage are:

  1. Nausea and Vomiting
  2. Insomnia or excess of sleep
  3. Rather than releasing anxiety, the excess can lead to over-excitement and greater anxiety levels.

Due to this, it is advised to buy from a reliable vendor who is not just selling to make their money but are loyal to their customers as well. It is definitely easy said than done as we are trapped among the fake and fraud vendors.

Anyway, you need not worry as we have shared our experience in the review of a highly desirable vendor known as “WHITE RABBIT KRATOM”.

White Rabbit Kratom

White Rabbit Kratom

As the name suggests “White Rabbit Kratom”, at once just like everyone, you might be thinking if it’s a strain of kratom rather than a vendor. However, White Rabbit is itself a vendor and a kratom supplying company.

This is a headshop which is selling Kratom since its emergence in 2012. It has gained a lot of popularity. The most popular product sold by White Rabbit is their Superior Maeng Da. This product has got a lot of support and at the same time, negative feedback as well back in 2018.

However, just like other vendors, we are suspicious if White Rabbit is something worth trying or is just a Rabbit Trap. Nevertheless, the first thing that you should keep in mind is that if you search for White Rabbit on Google, you are less likely to reach their actual website.

Because, the URL sited there shall take you to an “Online Pharmacy” that claims to specialize in erectile dysfunction medication. TGM Store is the best online kratom vendor without any doubt as I have experienced their products.

Moreover, currently, there is no way through which you can reach out to them as their URL.  It can be found through the official Twitter ID of White Rabbit pops up a warning message saying that the website is hacked or unsafe.

We are not sure if they are still operational or are in a break phase but we can share about the specifications of the vendor till the time they’re functioning. 

What does the vendor offer?

Till mid-February, 2020 the company was offering the following products. Each of them is considered to be highly effective and potent. 

White Rabbit Kratom Superior Maeng Da

Comes on the top and above other, white rabbit kratom Superior Maeng Da. It is the only kratom that is loved by many people. It is available in capsules ranging from numbers of capsules which are 5,10 or 15 pills in each packet.

It is characterized to be a great useful strain for kratom users. It is relatively strong hence users are advised to take it small amounts. Some effects that you can expect after taking their Superior Maeng Da are:

White Rabbit Kratom

White Rabbit Kratom Thai

As from its origin, White Rabbit Thai kratom comes from Thailand. It comes second among the most sell products of the vendor. It sells kratom packed in 30 or 50 pills per pack. Just a few capsules can lead to a long-lasting effect. Its results show just after 5 minutes of intake and can last as long as the whole day. 

White Rabbit Kratom Capsules

White Rabbit XL capsules are packed in 5,10 and 25 capsules. To avoid taking painstakingly, users prefer to take kratoms in capsules. Capsules are easy to use and you can stay safe from the bitter taste. It is also easier to stick to the dosage as capsules are packed with recommended dosage quantities.

Therefore, you should always go for this product. 

White Rabbit Kratom


XL capsules are the extra-large capsules and just like their name, they contain more quantities as compared to standard dosages. We have been discussing how kratoms are hard to handle and just a little bit of carelessness can actually lead to unwanted situations.

Dosage of White Rabbit Capsules is a controversial debate. You ought to be very watchful. If you are looking for significant effects, you can use more amounts of capsules. However, the requirements depend on your weight, size, height, and, body. It is up to you what and how you can get the effects on your body. 

  • For balanced effects, you should try using 3 XL White Rabbit Capsules. This is considered to be the perfect dosage for anyone having a standard weight. 
  • If you take more than 4 or 5 XL capsules per day, it can lead to making you feel drowsy and cause dizziness and the above negative effects we have mentioned.


When you reach their website, you might think that this highly fancy logo is something that should be tried. However, you will have doubts. To clear the misconception, we should share some properties that White Rabbit Kratom possesses. 

  • White Rabbit sells 100% natural products without any additive preservatives.
  • Their compounds are completely natural compounds without any chemicals and are absolutely organic. 
  • White Rabbit ensures customer satisfaction. They make sure to fulfill the customer’s requirements so that they may buy again and again. 


If you want to buy kratom from White Rabbit, you can contact them through the number. If you are unable to contact them through their number, you can directly visit their website. 

Customer’s Choice

Before choosing, it is suggested to ask for the user’s experience. In this way, you shall be able to know what you are trusting and if your choice is worth it or not. Some of the reviews by the regular users of White Rabbit are stated below:

  • White Rabbit has a website that asks the user to openly share their views about them which is called “White Rabbit Kratom Reddit”. 
  • One person’s opinion may differ from the other. However, users have reported that White Rabbit is a must-try.

Final Verdict

White Rabbit Kratom offers spectacular customer service due to which they are widely popular. They are known as the most reliable sellers of the Kratom market. Their stock has impeccable quality due to which White Rabbit Kratom gets repeated customers. You should definitely give them a try. 

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