Yellow Indo Kratom Review – Popularity And Demand

Feeling hopeless and it seems like your world is falling apart. Does that make you feel that no positive thing can happen in your life and your mind assumes the worse of every situation that happens to you?

Sometimes we all face unexpected situations in our life. So we all need something that keeps us going in those tough times without losing hope. Well I have perfect solution for that which is Yellow Indo Kratom. I know many of you don’t know about this so I will tell you in detail what exactly is this.

What Is Yellow Indo Kratom?

You must have known about kratom strains. This is also a type of kratom strain which belongs to the family of Indo kratom. Indo kratom comes in different types namely red indo, white indo, green indo, yellow indo and ultra enhanced indo kratom.

Anyways yellow indo kratom is actually pretty rare and available on reliable vendors sites.

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Place Where It Grows

As you can see the name gives away that it is grown in Indonesia which is among the best producers of kratom due to ideal climate and other factors required for its growth. It is mostly found in Sumatra Island so it has another name which is Yellow Sumatra Kratom.

Yellow Indo Kratom

So don’t get confused Yellow Indo and Yellow Sumatra kratom are the same thing.


Curious to know how it is produced, well I’ll answer that. The farmers obtain it by “curing” the white indo leaves in the sun until they get the yellow color. Sounds interesting right? But also it’s crucial and they have to be very precise of the timing.

If they let the leaves in sun for a longer period of time and color has already changed to yellow yet they are still in the sun they might lose not only yellow but white indo as well. That explains why yellow indo is rare.

Ways In Which Yellow Indo Kratom is Consumed

Due to its rarity not many forms are available but still you can consume them in the ways which are popular among people. All the best forms of different kratom strains are available at the TGM Shop.


Powder happens to be the most used form due to its ease of availability and advantages. Want the most of its benefits then powder is the best for you.


If hassle free is your thing then capsules are the one for you. Just the required capsule and few gulps of water and you are good to go.


The most uncommon yet the most effective which takes less time to kick in. If you want it to effect within minutes you consume it I would suggest to go for extracts.

A Word Or Two On Dosage

To be on the safe side I’ll let you know that dosage depends on many factors like your age, gender, medical conditions, current medications you are taking, allergies you have and the benefits you want to get from it.

Considering these all aspects then you can decide which amount is the best for your body and mind.

Anyways here is little plan for you that I follow. For starters I would suggest to take about 1-2 grams and then you can increase the dose as you require.

If you are feeling low and hopeless then 3-6 grams of it are the best remedy as it triggers happy emotions.

Having negative thoughts due to something bad happening in your life then 7-10 grams will help you get over such thoughts and helps you see the clear picture by instigating positivity in yourself.

If some relaxation is the thing you are looking for then 11-12 grams of Yellow Indo Kratom and all your worries are out of the window.

Do keep in mind not to overdose as it has sedative qualities and you might feel drowsy and nausea. But as you know that everything has its pros and cons right. So take the amount of it which suits you the best and enjoy.

Popularity And Demand Of Yellow Indo Strain

Yellow Indo Kratom

Yellow Indo Kratom is relatively new kratom product and its popularity if increasing as it is highly beneficial and have less side effects. But as it is rare, the supply is pretty less and the demand is high among users, due to which it has high price compared to other kratom products. You might actually find it difficult to get your hands on it.

Best Retailer To Buy Yellow Indo Kratom

Many of you might come across scams and fraud who sell fake product so finding a reliable retailer is a hell lot of work especially if you are new to Kratom world. Well you will be pleased to know that I have a very good suggestion for you.

If you are actually considering buy this amazing product I would highly suggest you to visit TGM(THE GOLDEN MONKS) website. Rings a bell doesn’t it to those who use kratom products know that they are one of the finest retailers who sell 100% original products.

I always order from them and trust me they do not disappoint.  The perks of buying from them is that they offer international delivery service and will take less time to deliver the desired product you have ordered. So what you are waiting for go place your order before this amazing product runs out.

Is It Worth Buying

In this world where technology has advanced so much and so much competition among ourselves from working 9-5 jobs to owning businesses, working like robots we have forgotten that we are human beings.

We take everyone as our opponent, trying to bring them down, losing our sense of empathy but we also lost the sense of humanity.

This the reason why we are so much distraught and need something to make us realize we are human and are in need of help to be kind, gentle and considerate. This is where Yellow Indo Kratom comes in picture it triggers our humanly emotions which are buried inside of us.

So I will highly suggest to get started with you day with some Yellow Indo Kratom.

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