Yellow Vein Kratom Types And Effects: Detailed Review

You all must have heard about white, red, and green kratom strains which are commonly used kratom strains as pain relievers and mood enhancers worldwide. But now let us talk about the new kratom strain namely yellow vein kratom. Never heard of this one do not worry I will tell you about that.


Yellow Vein Kratom is a new addition to the family of kratom strain which happens to be rare. Here is a piece of interesting information for you to know. Some people say that it is obtained by the process of drying the other vein kratom leaves whereas, others say that it is made by the mixture of the other three strains.

Well, who knows which one is correct right? But what I know is

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Places Where It Is Grown

Like white, red and green kratom strains yellow vein kratom is also grown in Indonesia and Southeast Asian countries. So if you live in these you can easily have access to these.

Types Of  Yellow Vein Kratom

As every other colored kratom strain has various types so it also comes with five types which are

Yellow Vein Kratom

Yellow Sumatra Kratom

It happens to be the rarest of all its other types as the Sumatra tree is rarely found. Yellow Sumatra kratom has euphoric and energy-boosting effects so it is a good thing to start your day with.

Yellow Borneo Kratom

This type is a blend of green red and white kratom strain from Thailand. If you live in that area it might be easily available for you. If you have any sort of pain then this is perfect for you. Why take medications now when you have something natural available.

Yellow Malay Kratom

This type is commonly grown in Malaysia. This type provides you with stimulating effects.

Yellow Bali Kratom

As the name suggests Yellow Bali kratom is found in the region of Bali. It is made from white and green Bali leaves. So my fellow reader you can get the benefits of two kratom types in this one. Sounds tempting to try this one.

Yellow Vietnam Kratom

As you can guess this type is grown in Vietnam. It is highly potent so you might be careful while using that one.

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As you know by now that yellow vein kratom is rare so it is not surprising that it is available in only a few forms.


The most common form available. This form is most popular as it gives most of the effect in less time. So if you want to experience most of its benefits then I will highly suggest this one is for you.


Capsules can be used as well as you do not want to experience any kind of fuss over the amount of Yellow Vein Kratom to be consumed. Just a gulp of water with the required amount of capsule and you are good to go.


These are uncommon but if you need a strong amount of energy that quickly kicks in this one is perfect for you.


Here comes the most important and crucial part which is dosage. The amount of Yellow Vein strain to be taken depends highly on age, gender medical conditions, and the benefits you want to obtain from it. It is the key to get the most of or you might experience the worse.

For starters, I will highly recommend to take it easy on the dose to be taken and take approximately around 3-6 grams daily and let your body get used to it. Once you get comfortable you can increase the amount but do not overdose.

If you have to do work which requires an extreme amount of physical exertion then I would say go for about 7-9 grams daily.

Does your work needs more mental activity so I will suggest take 10-12 grams daily in the morning?

Want to feel relaxed after tiring all day long take about 11-13 grams and boom all your worries are out of the window.

Do remember not to overdose and you should consider all the medications you are taking(if taking any)because if not taken with caution instead of making you feel good you can feel dizziness, vomiting, nausea, and headache. So please take it as required by you.

Popularity And Demand Of Yellow Vein Strain

Yellow Vein Strain

Being new its popularity is highly increasing due to its numerous advantages like pain relief, better memory recall, physical and emotional stability. But you might find it difficult to be found as you know it is rare and the demand is high so if you get hands-on Yellow Vein Kratom might as well grab it before you lose it.


As the demand is pretty high but the supply is low the price is comparatively high compared to other Kratom products. But hey look at benefits we get from it so you will be gaining from buying it not losing. Overall it will cost you about 20-60 dollars.

Where To Buy Yellow Vein Kratom

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