YK11 SARM – Detailed Review – Shocking Information

No doubt, YK11 can be classified as the Queen of the SARMS because of its potency. Yuichito Kanno, a scientist, found it out in the 2nd decade of 19th century. The foremost important thing to be kept in mind is that this is not natural selective androgen modulator.

Moreover, compound (431579-34-9) is chemically structured on the basis of steroid tends to reduce myostatin activities.

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Being a myostatin inhibitor, the compound facilitates us to grow more muscles by breaking down genetic muscular wall. One of the salient reasons of its popularity is that it explicitly does not bring forth any adverse effects to the users. Bodybuilders dynamically acquire the ability to boost up mental and physical potency.

Working on muscle gain and bone building with a rapid action is its distinction.

What Is YK11? Is It A SARM Actually?

There is no doubt in it that a lot of research has been conducted on the topic under discussion. But as a matter of fact, a profound study is still needed to get to the definite point. This is why a number of users wrongly describe it without using an appropriate word. And interestingly, it sounds different from SARM.

No doubt some users consider it to be the” supreme in quality”due to its SARM steroid status.However, it is named as myostatin by some who have not gone into a detailed study.




The pros and cons very much depend on the amount of usage of the product. That off course determining many factors varies from person to person. The advisable dose for the beginners is 5mg per day for 4 weeks. The next cycle, however comprises approximately 2 months. This fact is also there that a great deal of user’s stacks the products together.

As the information about YK11 is still to be received, so it does not have an established half- life. As the users intend to extend its half life, so they part the dosage into two per day. As a matter of fact, this product is very little tested on humans and the clinical tests are made on animals only.

So, to avoid any adverse effects, it is suggested that it must be started from the lowest amount to reach to the standard dose. Surpassing the suggested dosage might lead to dire consequences. One has to be discreet enough while using the compound to bounce back the negative changes.

In a nutshell, there is no better substitute of steroids except YK11.


Though health benefits provided b the product are innumerable which place the product on a higher place. Andarine and Cardarine like benefits can be received from this compound. Following are the most salient benefits of the product.

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Enriches Bone Health

It binds itself to one’s androgen receptors to accelerate bone strength. Leading to bone health, YK11 increases the PKB (PROTIENE KINASE B) in human cells. The important role performed by sex hormones in keeping the bones strong cannot be denied at any cost.

Boosts up Strength

With strength, more muscle fibers are stimulated and the user is able to lift up heavier weight even. Potency acquired by the product does travel to every part of the body imparting energy. So, the strength visibly proves itself.


Sheds the Fat

It works as the QUICK ACTION FORCE. So, in a very short span of time, it cuts the fat away along with shaping the lean muscles to mass growth. During our physical working, more and more calories are burned. By working it smartly gives a raise to muscle mass. Like a monster, it devours up the fats deposits in no time.

Improves Muscle Growth

One of the greater health benefits of the product is that it reduces the myostatic activities that hinder the muscle growth adversely. It carries out the process of increasing muscle growth by naturally increasing the follistatin cells.

Safeguards Existing Muscles

YK11 performs dual role in connection with muscular system. Apart from giving a growth to muscle mass, it also works as a defender for the already existing muscles. It shields the muscles against breakage during everyday working. In fact, it is damaging to somehow for the muscles when we take hard body drills without gaping in order to burn calories.

At this crucial time we need a smart worker who could strenuously fight on the aspects, burning calories and protecting muscles.

Weight Gain

We can, without any doubt can expect a raise of 5-8 pounds to weight only within approximately 9 weeks. In a very short span of time beefing up the body to the required level is like reaching utopia with no or least negative changes. The product results might go vice e versa if we for a while forget the maxim,“ Excess of everything is bad”.

Prudently, we must not expect more than that.

Less Harmful than Steroids

Though it is chemically structured on steroidal pattern but the adverse effects are not that harmful as of steroids. So, preferring the usage of YK11 over steroids is prudent.

Benefits for Bodybuilders

Elite YK11

As a matter of fact, the benefits of the product drawn by the bodybuilders are uncountable. Similar benefits can be drawn from this product, if we call it a SARM. A few are mentioned below:

Enhances Muscle Growth

The remarkably wonderful quality of this SARM towards muscle building id that it facilitates follistatin. Thus, it seems to be appealing to bodybuilders.

This strongly positive method leads to no side effects but only little testosterone suppression which can be very effectively resisted by good old PCT. Having too many irons in the fire, the product seems to kill two birds with one stone. Simultaneously, it tackles with muscle growth along with reducing the fats.

That breeds popularity to the product in an eye wink.

Health Risks

Traditionally, YK11 is not SARM so, we must keep this thing in mind that it is chemically structured on steroidal pattern. I mean to be straight forward while saying that it is similar to steroid. The evident effects are as follow:

  • Breast Cancer
  • Skin Related Issues
  • Affected Pitch of Voice
  • Improper Working of other Organs
  • Oesophagus
  • Disordered Stomach
  • Hair Loss
  • Affected Hair Growth

YK11 Reviews by Real Users


Getting the candid reviews by the real users is really challenging. But luckily some reviewers are there who drove the factual results to share with the expected users. In the light of their opinions, we can surely make a better use of the compound.

A real user gave his truthful comments in a very positive way after using the compound. Getting started from the minimal amount for the duration of six weeks to be well aware of same the side effects he had undergone in the past before coming across this one.

The user on completing the cycle mentioned above had acquired sufficient muscle growth with reduced fats.

Then he started cardiovascular exercise with least caloric food intake.

Another convenient buyer of the product considered the product Yk11 one of the best SARMS he used ever. The intake of the product enabled him to lift up more weight. The intake of the product enabled him to lift up more weight along with gaining strength and up to 5.2 pounds of muscle mass.

The benefits did not end up here; rather he miraculously cut down the extra fats.

Is it Useful in Medicine?

It has rightly been said that might is right. And only beauty rules the world. This is the reason that cosmetic industry is not earning rapid monetary benefits rather is stamping money. It is in lead while we talk about bodily attraction and physical fitness.

Undoubtedly, a healthy balanced diet having all the nutrients is essential to make the body appealing. The role of exercise is also much dynamic in this regard but ignoring completely the part of medicine is not that sensible.

So, the use of YK11 in medicine goes hands in hands together on the way to be potent and powerful, as it works in an outstanding way by working on follistatin.

Thus affects the working of myostatin, GDF11, Activins and FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone).So, there is no doubt in it that physical reproductive health and cancer cells might get affected by its getting in touch with Activins.

Follistatin actually enhances cancerous risks but the type still matters. Some experiments were carried out on rats which proved to be so good about breast cancer by not letting the cancerous cells spread. Though could not remove tumor or slow down the growth.

With an overwhelming sense of pride, let me say that test on humans have also shown the same results.

While talking about liver cancer, we are not sure about the positive assistance of this compound. However, this compound negatively affects the growth of skin and stomach cancer.

Stacking YK11 With SARMS

YK11 A lot of discretion and smart thinking is required in this regard. Haste makes waste. Undoubtedly, Yk11 has enough potency to work efficiently it is targeted for. But some users want to see the results overnight and stack the compound with other SARMS especially with Testolone.

So, to bounce back the side effects, it is advisable to seek any consultant of the relevant field or take the advice of an expert bodybuilder.

Minimal dosage is recommended for the starters. Need based dosages are suggested. The condition of usage and duration may vary from individual to individual. Even women get an opposite effect if intake is not adjusted appropriately.

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Can Everyone Use It?

It is more likely to be related with the term,” driving all with one tool.”I would rather very strongly condemn the idea which could even revert the situation. There is no doubt in it that to avoid the adverse effects of steroids, we find no better option than YK11.

But as diamond cuts diamond so, the scholar sharpens scholar. Taking an advice from a consultant or an expert bodybuilder is as important to health as oxygen to lungs.

A remarkably wonderful characteristic of this compound is that it is to facilitate the ones suffering from any genetic problem from the day they were born.  Dreams are always there with every one irrespective of physical defaults and impairment.

The compound conveniently facilitates such people to grow muscles without the sufficient support of healthy food intake and regular physical drills.

However, the product being the myostatin inhibitor is strictly forbidden to the ones with pre-existing medical conditions.

Half- Life

To boost up the effects of YK11, many consumers stack the compound with other SARMS especially with Testolone. And there are others who part the dosage into two per day to reap the richer benefits. Half- Life simply refers to the multiple dosing in small quantities instead taking heavier at once.

According to cellular experiences and reported cases, it is believed that the compound does not stay in body for a longer period of time, so to restore the body with the effects users prefer to use twice or thrice or suggested by the expert to reach to optimal results.

But this aspect must be kept in mind that self medication, determining timings and duration without required and sufficient knowledge is always risky.

YK11 for Sale

Vendors are well aware of the fact that YK11 is not within the reach of average buyers. Being so expensive, the compound is not affordable for all. Moreover, most of the vendors do not test the product. So, as an alternative Swiss Chems is recommended due to the availability o third party’s results on hand.


YK11 is roaming about between Steroidal effects and SARMS borrowing the qualities from both. But in truth, the compound is far safer than Steroids. This is also a bitter fact that it has not been well researched yet so that we may reach to definite research oriented results.

So, being decisive about using a different SARM is still not that authentic. In my personal opinion, instead of believing the cellular results only or trusting the vaguely found information, one must go for the substitutes of this compound. Even the suggested supplements by the expert bodybuilders are also very supportive.

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